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Why is everyone blogging?

gtTechnology is shaping the way we do business, just as it is shaping our everyday lives.

We are social beings, and our communications are becoming more and more public – whether we like it or not. The challenge for us as professionals is having our message heard in an online world where the noise of everyone else in similar positions is ever increasing. There is no shortage of commentary around why everyone should start their own blog, and the reasons are generally:

1.) Join the conversation. – “Shares, likes, re-tweets and back-links comprise the new currency of the 21st century”

2.) Build Your Personal Brand. 

3.) Develop Your Online Presence

4.) Meet Others. 

5.) Build An Incredible Team. 

6.) Work While You Sleep. 

7.) Make Money while you Sleep. 

However, my thoughts on this differ. If you are planning on evolving your craft to be an influencer, trainer or coach, then do the steps you need to in becoming an author and blogger. If you are not, then don’t waste your time on activities that don’t show tangible benefits your career or add value to your clients.

Further, ensure you approach the appropriate medium(s) for your knowledge and experience to reach your target audience. I.e. If you are in a Professional Services industry, then LinkedIn may be an appropriate forum. If you work in the Leisure or Tourism industries, then perhaps Facebook and the like.

If you are a professional trying to gain recognition in your regular field of expertise, then spend your time in your profession and find ways to add value to, and care for your customers. This will gain you the influence and credibility you need to succeed. Devote your time to writing if you want to be a writer. Otherwise, your blog will become one of the 200 million blogs already in existence creating white noise, and competing for attention.

 Yes, this blog is paradoxical; but if anyone reads it, it will hopefully get the point across.


Written by Toby Kenway

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