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Who tells you the truth – no one likes applying for a job!

Careering 2Who tells you the truth – no one likes applying for a job!

Hunting for a new job is often a difficult process. Let’s face it, no one likes applying for a job only to be sent a rejection email and at worse to be ignored all together.  

Looking for a new role can be sole destroying, emotionally draining and a massive blow to even the healthiest of egos.

Some people judge the effectiveness of their job search by the number of resumes or CV’s they send out, others by the number of interviews they get.    I’ve met people who have proudly told me that they sent out over 20 applications in the previous week.  At that rate after only 5 weeks, they will have sent out 100 applications.  My questions to them, is “why so many?” followed by “How do you keep track of this?”   That’s a lot of work!  Busy does not equal effective.

I understand that getting interviews is a great indicator of progress, after all, you won’t get a new role without an interview, but having lots of meetings with no job offers surely indicates an issue.

I’ve also met people who judge the effectiveness of their job search by the number of recruiters they call every week. Again “why?”  Trust me, calling a recruiter weekly, just to touch base will not endear yourself to them, in fact it will often annoy them to the point where they will ‘no longer be in’ or are ‘unavailable’ when you call.

If you need someone to tell you the truth about how to find a new job and learn the skills necessary to succeed in interview you have a number of options.

  1. Hire a career coach at a rate of anywhere between $200 – $500 per session depending on who you are working with.
  2. Use careering, an on-line job search system that provides everything you need to know in order to find a job for $75.    www.careering.com.au
  3. Ask your friends for advice, get conflicting opinions, get frustrated, keep doing what you’re doing then expect a different result. (you do know that’s the definition of insanity, by the way) $0.  Though is it really $0, lost income, Panadol for your headaches?

Seriously, if you are feeling frustrated or unsure what you should do to get your next role, we would welcome you to connect with us to book some one-on-one career coaching.  If however the cost is prohibitive, then why not try www.careering.com.au.   Careering is organised into eleven easy-to-follow modules comprising over 100 sections! It follows a sequential step-by-step process focusing on practical, tangible strategies that work!  You also get templates, scripts, checklist, examples, videos, handouts and action plans.   Visit www.careering.com.au to get started.

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Written by June Parker, June is the Director of Selection Partners, she is qualified career, transition and executive coach.  Selection Partners, provides recruitment, coaching, development and outplacement support.  For more information on how we can help you secure your next role, contact June on 03 9832 8100 or info@selectionpartners.com.au

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