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What we learnt at the ‘Engaging Conversations’ Workshop

Some of our new and long-term clients attended two amazing communication workshops last week, hosted by us, Selection Partners. The workshops were run in two locations: one in our Melbourne office, and the other in Mulgrave. Our clients really enjoyed the interactive session with 96% of those who attended rating the workshop as 5/5 in all categories. 


The amazing Vivian Vrahos, expert leadership coach, trainer & expert in neuroscience shared with us her model of how to have engaging conversations by using the FIIVE model.  We learnt that our limbic system is where our emotional responses come from and what to do when our self or those we are working with experience an amygdala hijack.

We also learnt that when you are dealing with challenging people, “separating facts from stories” is essential and “getting to the yes in validation, enables the person you are speaking with to feel heard and understood”.  We also got to practice the skills and from my observations, we all have a lot more work to do!

Favourite quotes from the feedback: “Validation is hard, but when you get it right the other person feels understood which helps defuse defences”, “Validation doesn’t mean you have to agree, it means you’ve understood”, “Gossiping is a red zone behaviour, I need to stop this”, “Great strategy to calm people who demonstrate red zone behaviours”.

Thank you to those who attended and to our wonderful facilitator.  If you see that giving your managers or teams, the skills to be more effective in their people interactions and become more effective in managing others when they become emotional, aggressive or withdraw, then contact me on 03 9832-8100 or june@selectionpartners.com.au to find out more.  We offer ½ day, full day, 2 day and 3 day Executive programs.   Often a pilot with one team is a great introduction to this powerful way of engaging and holding people to account.  This skill is essential in enabling collaboration and high performance.

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