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What to eat to keep work healthy

fhkGoing out for lunch, especially in the CBD can be a nice way to catch up with colleagues, family and friends during the work week.  We have access to some amazing restaurants and eateries.

The tough part comes when choosing a meal that is good for us rather than something that looks amazing but may not be what our bodies need, especially when our choices are laden with unrefined sugars and carbohydrates and the quality of the protein being used is questionable, not to mention what chemicals are used to cure those deli meats?  Then there is portion control! (We often feel like we get better value for money for a larger serve).

If you struggle with making choices, you are not alone!  The mini size chocolate box in our office draws me in every afternoon, I just can’t wait until it is gone for good. No matter how many whole foods I bring for my lunch, the afternoon chocolate still gets the better of me sometimes.  I won’t go into detail here, but maybe another time on the effects of coffee and sugars on our hormones and how those hormones affect fat loss– amazing stuff!

With this blog, I thought we could look at a couple of different lunch options to bring into the office and some ideas on what to choose when you are out for lunch. The better our food choices, the better we feel, the more effectively we work and live.

Idea 1 – Try not to eat out every day.  Try to limit this to one day a week.

Idea 2 – When you do eat out, select  something that will be nutritious and satisfying however avoid processed meats, unrefined sugars and carbohydrates.  A chicken salad with the dressing on the side, a wholemeal wrap with egg and salad minus the cheese and mayo. Opt for avocado or hummus over a sandwich, even a coconut chicken curry with brown rice minus the papadums.  Always try to order food that is as ‘clean’ as possible.  Fresh is always best!

Idea 3 – Have a good breakfast each day that includes good fats, good carbs and proteins. This will keep you satisfied for longer helping you wait till lunch.

*Fruit salad with a large dollop of Greek yoghurt, with a mix of nuts and seeds

*2 eggs (anyway you like them) with vegies like spinach, mushroom, ½ avocado on 1 slice of good sourdough bread.

*Smoothies!  I love smoothies as they give me all of my nutrients in one convenient pack.  I put a large handful of spinach, 1 cup of frozen berries, ½ avocado, 1 banana, almond milk, 1 tsp of raw cocoa chocolate and sometimes I will crack an egg in their for added protein – don’t worry you can’t taste it.

If you aren’t going out for lunch, some ideas for lunch in the office could be:

Cut up some fresh raw veggies like carrot, cucumber, broccoli, capsicum, with some (hormone free) roast chicken and drizzle with lemon juice, olive oil and salt/pepper.  Hummus always goes well with this one.

Make a big batch of Thai chicken soup over the weekend to bring for lunch during the week

Frittata – you can make a big batch to take during the week with a green salad.  For the frittata, use sweet potato, egg, any veggies you like and season.

There are so many ideas and lots of websites that promote clean eating recipes but if you need some assistance don’t hesitate to call me. Happy Eating.


Written by Kelly Camilleri 

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