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We’re doing things a little differently…

There is a BIG problem in the title of this piece that is reflective of our Recruitment industry.

Consulting in general is all about adding value. ‘Where, and how do I add value?’ So if we’re adding value, why do many of us feel the need to exclaim “We do things differently?”  Is it to disassociate ourselves from the reputation of our industry?

On a transactional level, recruitment is only successful if you have all 3 corners of the triangle. If any one of these is missing or undervalued then,  there is no success.3 way CCp


Transactional success is different to adding value. You can have transactional success without being seen as adding value. Typically, large recruitment organisations are labelled this way, often as a result of pushing their consultants with high KPI’s (how many cold calls; how many CV’s sent).
The problem this high-transaction behaviour develops is the commodification of people and relationships. People quickly become frustrated by being treated as a commodity, hence the recruitment industry getting a bad reputation. However, this is not limited to large consultancies.

What some consultants seem to forget is that candidates have career ambitions, families, and mortgages, like many of us. We have just been through a Global Financial Crisis, and many people have done it tough.  There is no excuse for consultants not taking the time to extend their professional courtesy with each of their candidates.

In one of my earlier blogs http://selectionpartners.com.au/what-marine-biology-taught-me-about-recruitment/ I talk about the quality staples of our industry:

  • Speak the truth, and offer transparency around your process.
  • Keep open lines of communication. People need to be informed and kept up to date.
  • Maintain your empathy. Filling a role is not just a statistic and a commission. These are people with goals, ambitions, families and mortgages. If they are unsuccessful, they don’t need your pity, but they do expect and should receive your professionalism.
  • Build quality relationships with your clients and your candidates. These people will truly value your relationship, your knowledge and professional courtesy. Given the opportunity, these people will want to help you also.

If you’re adding value to your relationships, invariably these relationships will come back and add value to you and your organisation.

At Selection Partners, we do things differently! I wish I didn’t have to say that.

Written by Toby Kenway


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