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Well that was interesting…

RespectWell that was interesting…

What an interesting week it has been in recruitment.  I’ve seen a candidate get bullied.  I’ve seen a customer who was desperate to see some candidates take a day off, then not worry about the candidates for a couple weeks, then another customer delay candidate interviews for seven days.

Wake up!  Remember the old McKinsey phrase “War for Talent”, coined almost 20 years ago?  This has never been more true than today in 2016!  However, as a service based business we still see organisations and individuals treat talent (or simply people) with absolute disrespect.  Like the candidate who got bullied, he was wined and dined, then threatened with the offer being withdrawn if he did not sign the contract then.

In our office we debated this; a lot!  The back story was that the candidate felt vulnerable after being made redundant.  He had personal pressures, mortgage etc.  But, we felt the behaviour of the employer was somewhere between desperate and arrogant. 

Getting back to the “War for Talent”, I’m not convinced that 1980’s sales techniques are relevant.  I’m not sure they were relevant even in the 80’s…  The reality is that good people are hard to find.  Period.  Unlike in the 80’s we now have a huge expectation of people “hitting the ground running” with very little training.  When it comes to recruitment don’t get sucked in by technology.  Technology makes it easier to connect but not engage.  With unemployment hovering around the 5.7% mark for quite a few years now, we need to work harder to engage candidates.  Not be bullies or push unrealistic timeframes.  People do not grow on trees!  

My point is that in the human resource / people  game, whether you are a Recruiter or a Hiring Manager, please treat people with respect.  Everyone has a back story.  Be upfront, be honest.  We are all mature adults here.  OK, let’s get on with it!

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