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Thanks June. I have benefited enormously from your guidance and support and it has been fun. Looking forward to keeping in touch. (Feb 2019)

Andrew, MD, Consulting Firm

Thanks for all the valuable advice and feedback provided during our sessions. I’ve learnt something from all of them. It was also great to meet you. The service you provide to people in my situation is invaluable and I wish you all the very best with it going forward. (Feb 2019)

David, Director, Professional Services Firm

Thank you so much June, I really appreciate all your efforts and time. I am learning so much from our coaching sessions and from stretching. (Oct 2018)

Executive Coachee, Large Global Manufacturing Organisation

June showed us how to adapt our own behaviours to make working with and leading others easier, and how to change our approach to situations to allow for other people’s Facet5 style.(Oct 2018)

Training Participant

Just some feedback and thank you to Selection Partners for Lydia’s assistance this morning. We appreciated her contribution and insights during a challenging transition. Her professionalism was exceptional.(Sept 2018)

Melissa, HR Director

Thank you so much for your valuable input on my resume – everything you have suggested makes perfect sense. It was great. I shared my thoughts on how terrific your input was with HR when I popped in on Wednesday, she was really pleased that I got so much out of our catch up. (Apr 2018)

Maddie J

Jordan is a Dedicated and driven recruitment professional who goes above and beyond to find the most suitable candidates for a role. (Apr 2018)

Troy J, National Sales Manager

The coaching and advice you gave me was incredibly helpful with both applications. I particularly went into the video recording part of the process in a much better place than I could have otherwise and will take your advice on to the next challenge. (Mar 2018)

Susan H

Thank you so much for your care and support, I am very grateful to you during this stressful time. (Mar 2018)


Thank you for your guidance and patience today. The interview coaching session was very helpful and has given me a strong way forward. I will let you know down the track where I have ended up with it all. (Mar 2018)

Much appreciated, Sue

thank you for the fantastic program SP delivered. From our perspective, the participants have really grown from the experience, we see them with a more developed self-confidence that is gaining momentum. A sincere thank you (Feb 2018)

MD, Professional Services Firm

I wanted to say thanks for your insights and support during my transition journey. Things are starting to move, I have a few projects happening all from people I’ve previously worked with and hope to keep building up the pipeline! (Dec 2017)

Carole G

Many thanks once again for your work with us. I know that everyone who participated in the Facet 5 program found it rewarding and worthwhile. Also, the team building exercise was very beneficial & gave us things to work on. (Sept 2017)

Medium Sized Building Company

The feedback was that my interview was flawless – and the panel is progressing with employing me in a higher strategic infrastructure role. Thank you for your help. (Aug 2017)

Belinda H

Once more thank you both for helping me with this new incredible retail opportunity. All the amazing support and feedback I received from before and after my interviews restored my confidence and reassurance in myself. I wouldn’t have been able to secure this role without you guys and I am very grateful. (Aug 2017)

Madison P

Your sessions gave me a lot more confidence, relaxed me, and allowed me to be myself in the interviews. It certainly equipped me with the skills and confidence necessary for me to excel, and has given me techniques I will use in interviews throughout my career. (May 2017)

Spencer R

Leonie was great in helping me find my next career path, she analysed my situation and gave great feed back on how to grow and move forward to find my next role and I cant thank her enough. Would definitely recommend if anyone is needing help finding the next step. (Apr 2017)

Jonathan K, NSW Account Manager

Kelly was fantastic, great to deal with. Good communication, quick turnaround in finding a good employee. Friendly service. (Apr 2017)

Fiona M, Studio Manager

I got started on the Careering modules on the weekend as I have been so long out of the job application process. I am finding it invaluable already! I will hold off sending my CV through as I want to provide the best I can. I am really pleased to have found this program to assist me, I will work through all the modules as I am keen to do this properly. Thanks for your support. (Jan 2017)

Lyn Saunders, applicant

Thank you so much for your help last week before the interview. I felt sharp and articulate in the interview and did well using your feedback. Having the practice interview taped was excellent help as I could hear for myself what I needed to work on. It was amazing how practice helps. I am so much better off for having met you. My heartfelt gratitude. (Oct 2016)


Just to thank you again June for taking the time to present to the Network meeting at AMES last Thursday. It was a great day and you were a highlight speaker giving some very valuable advice and tips. Your presentation was so well received I need to let you know that you may be contacted by staff asking you to come and talk to their groups (Oct 2016)

Sally Hearn, Employment Pathways Manager

Bridget came for interview coaching. She had one session and said “June showed me areas for improvement, how to structure my responses, how to tailor them to fit the question, and to relax! (May 2016)

Bridget M

I’d just like to thank you so very very much for your advice and support. I got the job and I’d like to keep in touch with you. There is no way I would have been able to feel as comfortable without your interview advice. Even watching the video back of my practice interviews made me cringe at first, but as you said practice does make perfect. Thanks again June, I will tell all my friends about you. (May 2016)

Rachael T , Senior Manager

Thank you for making time for me today. As I got back to my car I actually sat there realising how much “lighter” I was feeling after talking to you… so thanks again. (March 2016)

Ann R , Financial Manager

I wanted to polish up my interview skills after working with the same company for over five years. I had a coaching session with Michelle and it was absolutely fantastic. I learned a lot of new things and most importantly, tips on how to be more confident. I managed to get a job within a week after that! I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is looking for a job. Don’t think you can learn everything from the Internet. (January 2016)

Sam D , Financial Accountant

Just want to thank Selection Partners, and in particular Iain Pratt, for his assistance over the last month in reworking my resume to meet today’s needs. In my two months looking for my next role I can say that these guys stood head and shoulders above the other recruitment agencies I have been exposed to as a candidate.

Brian Heatherich, Business Architect

I consulted June privately and she gave me some very sound advice and worked with me on updating my CV. The result – a much more professional CV and new found confidence. I had been actively seeking a new role some months prior, and getting the occasional interview, but otherwise no luck. I then made the decision to change my strategy. I am very happy to tell you that in September 2014 I secured a role. Long overdue! Thanks June for the emotional and practical support. I will be forever grateful for the assistance you gave me.

Patricia O’Neill, Executive Assistant/Office Manager

I was quite anxious about the job search process and June helped me through this. She explained exactly what I needed to do, helped me apply for jobs and within 2 months I had a new role in a not for profit near me. I am extremely grateful. April 2015

Phil Hose

Karen was excellent, she gave me straightforward practical advice. She listened and empowered me to be bold in my job search. April 2015

Simon Vertula

Most recruiters are renowned for their poor communication with their candidates/resources. I was extremely surprised with the thorough and regular communication I had with Iain. He set my expectations of when I would hear from him again at the end of every call and kept me informed when he said he would. March 2015

Wayne Harland

I just wanted to thank you again for everything we learnt over the last couple of days in the workshop. Especially the extra personal attention and support you gave me to help me through the training. I have come away with a lot of structure and information, and I am looking forward to putting into practice what I have learnt. It’s been a long time since my brain has been this active. March 2015

Adrian Kociolek, Sales Manager

Danny you changed my life! I can honestly say the role you found for me is the best job I’ve ever had. I love the challenges, fast pace and my colleagues. I went from demand planner to demand planning manager to supply chain manager all in less than 18 months. I appreciate your professionalism and ongoing followup. February 2015

Bethaney Davis, Supply Chain Manager, Telstra SCO

Selection Partners came highly recommended to me for their personalised service. I found my coaching sessions with Michelle to be particularly effective for identifying my next career move and successfully scored my dream role in the next three weeks. Thank you Michelle. February 2015

Tess Biddles – Communications and Content Marketing Specialist

I found Selection Partners via the website when looking for Interview Coaching. I would highly recommend their servcie. June was fantastic in her approach and with the advice she gave. August 2014


Thanks again for your job search coaching, it has been incredibly helpful – I had three job interviews this week! August 2014

Georgia Tsiantas – Human Resources Manager

I must say thank you for the support and information you provided. I prepared really well for this interview, rehearsing questions (with my daughter) that were listed in your booklet. And I tailored my resume to the position and emailed a thank you following the interview at the end of the day, as I was the first interviewee in the morning. So thank you again June for the valuable advice. I have no doubt this was why I got the job. January 2015

Karen Roberts

I just wanted to thank you for your contribution to our sales conference on Saturday. We have used “motivating” speakers in the past and sometimes the feedback can be negative, but your presentation on Saturday definitely hit the mark. I have received quite a bit of feedback since the conference and all have been very appreciative of what you had to say.

Kevin Matherson – National Sales Director, Shann Australia

I attended the seminar you conducted last Thursday & regard it to be one of the best presentations, on any topic, I have ever been to.

The breadth of relevant information you covered as well as the examples you provided based on your professional expertise made it an invaluable session. Thank you for the effort you put into such a first rate event.

Tracey Hudson

I attended a workshop facilitated by June in October as part of our annual conference. I scored it 5/5. The workshop was well facilitated as it was conducted in an open and easy manner. We had great discussions and it caused me to stop and really think about how to set up a team. The topics were highly relevant.

Sean Copley – Senior Manager, National Operations

I was provided with services from June at Selection Partners. Surprisingly I found the whole outplacement experience to be positive and enlightening. During our discussions June was empathic and supportive providing very targetted information that I specifically needed. I enjoyed the learning aspect and having actions and accountabilities helped me focus on what I needed to do to get moving towards finding my next career role.

Brett Jarvis – Sales and Marketing

To be honest I was quite stressed prior to meeting with you and I didn’t hold out much hope that the coaching and training would make a significant difference but I have been blown away by the impact that this has made to my outlook and my teams performance.

Gillian Emond, – MD Plexus Medical Recruitment

I want to thank you both for helping me. I have recently accepted an offer and will start my new career at the end of May!! I can’t speak highly enough about the one on one attention you gave me. You challenged me to think about how I present myself and how to respond to interview questions, thank you.  I wish you all the best and  I will recommend your services any time I have the opportunity.  Again, thanks.

Emma Taberner – Operations Manager

Danny is one of the most energetic and active people I know in the T&L sector. He uses social media in innovative and clever ways to stay in touch with colleagues and clients. He is always out front when industry matters are discussed. He cares about improving the human side of T&L.

Daryll Hull – Managing Director, Transport and Logistics Centre (TALC)

I have had the opportunity to work with June on a number of occasions over the last seven years. The most recent occasion was when I engaged June to coach a senior staff member, trying to manage a workgroup that had just been through a restructure. June was engaged on very short notice; she was able to very quickly come to grips with the issues, give practical advice and strategies and provided the manager with the confidence to know that she ‘could do it’. June is a consummate professional; I trust June implicitly when dealing with sensitive or complex matters.

Vicki Brereton – Director Corporate & Secretariat, ANZPAA

I have known Danny for the past few years whilst working on a variety of industry wide committees and initiatives. At all times I have found Danny to be an open, honest, friendly, intelligent and engaging supply chain professional who always has the interests of the entire supply chain community at heart. Danny’s facilitation skills and vision are a true asset to our industry.

Mike Owen – National President, Logistics Association of Australia

June’s strengths are her ability to work with all types of clients in a professional and authentic manner. June is a positive mentor to those she works with either internally or externally.

Catherine Harper – Executive Consultant

Danny is an outstanding leader with a passionate commitment to T&L. I have worked with Danny and he has consistently been ethical, steadfast and visionary. We need more people like Danny!

Hal Morris – CEO, CILTA

The time spent working with June still sits with me as one of the best experiences of my work life, June is and was dynamic, professional, inspirational and extremely knowledgeable.

Charlotte Gribbin – Regional Manager

It has been a true pleasure getting to know Danny in his role within the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry. Extremely influential in his capacity being on the board of the Logistics Association of Australia, however, his humility and can do attitude sets him apart from his peers and others. A real privilege to be associated with Danny.

Prakash Menon – Director Logistics, Myer Ltd, Australia

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