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Technology can be very useful

careeringimageAs I arrived at my physio appointment to discuss how to get my left leg back into tip top running condition. I was amazed to see that the practice had had a technology upgrade.  Rather than taking notes on paper, my information was detailed directly onto an ipad.  I was then shown a 3D image of a bodies internal muscular system to illustrate which muscles I should be engaging when I run. I was then given exercises to perform which were videoed on my iphone to allow me to re-watch and replicate when I got home.  Not once did the physio put pen to paper. Technology has taken over. Very impressive!

As I drove home this got me thinking how technology has impacted our lives.  Take for instance – looking for a new job.  The days of being able to craft a single resume then apply to job advertisements as your only source of job search are long gone!  (Let alone sending in paper resumes by mail). Today people are using LinkedIn to be found and to find jobs, they are tweeting and following people of influence to connect, they create video resumes, digital resumes, even brochure resumes to demonstrate their competence and engage the interest of the hiring organisation. 

Feeling terrified about the prospect of looking for a new job is common.  Understanding the technology available and what really works can be daunting. 

I recently met with an extremely articulate, well-credentialed professional who felt deflated after having sent out over 70 applications with only two offers for an interview. He came to see me, because neither of the interviews resulted in a job offer and he simply didn’t know what to do. 

He had no idea how to use the available technology to his advantage. Sending out the same resume for 70 jobs simply doesn’t work anymore. Especially considering how applicant management systems shortlist applications. Relying on SEEK, as your only search job strategy is no longer advisable! 

Technology can be exceptionally helpful to identify opportunities, connect and position relevant experience to demonstrate the value you can add to an employer – but only if you know how to use it.

At Selection Partners, we have created our own bit of technology. We have designed a web based learning system which helps you understand how to navigate the job search process and develop the skills necessary to find a job quicker and more effectively. Our unique learning management system teaches you everything you need to know to get a job from creating different styles of resumes, to using social media, to tapping into the hidden job market, to understanding interview and assessment processes to developing strategies to remain positive and motivated. 

 We are in the final stages of beta testing this product before we launch it.   If you are interested in being part of a select review team please email me on and I will give you access to review the system.   We all need to move with the times and our technology will show you how!

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