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Tap into the hidden job market

hiddenTap into the hidden job market

As a recruitment firm, we try our best to find people exciting new roles.  For many of the people we meet, we do exactly this, however for every person successful in securing a new position, there are many others who miss out.   The reality is, we cannot help everyone.  Or can we?  We think maybe we can, not by always finding someone a job, but we have resources to help people find their own job, whether this is through career coaching, via www.careering.com.au or via our information bulletins.    We encourage you to explore our website or contact us if we can help.    Other than using recruiters, many people have found a new position by being proactive and tapping into the hidden job market.   For some, this can be confronting and many people don’t know what to say or do.   If this is the case for you, download our information booklet on ‘How to have information interviews and tap into the hidden job market’

Written by June Parker

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