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Outplacement – an employees perspective

Having a good outplacement provider is a bit like having house insurance. With insurance you hope you never need to use it, but when your house gets burgled and you feel devastated – you are so glad you have it. The thought of insurance helps you get over the initial shock and anguish, then the money helps you replace what was taken and move forward…

7 Steps to Build Confidence

My dad recently visited from the UK, and whilst I love him dearly as he is genuinely one of life’s really good humans, I always cringe when he tells stories of me when I was young. I don’t know if anyone else feels the same when their parents remind them of how they were decades ago. For me when I was very young, I was…

Calling all retail professionals

As experts in retail recruitment and invested in developing those who work within the retail sector, Selection Partners are running a FREE workshop designed to upskill those in retail.   Monday 6th June 10-12 noon.  Holiday Inn, 575 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. This workshop presented by Leading Industry Experts and  Selection Partners HR Consulting Director will focus on