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State Election 2014 – A Recruiter’s Perspective

02d58-art-map-620x349As a commuter I want the East West Link project to go ahead. As a recruiter, I want this project to go ahead. I know a lot of people in my industry have put in a lot of time, money and effort into this project and it would be a real boost for Civil Construction in Victoria. It’s been a lean few years for the industry as a whole.


Let’s face it, anyone reading this has been stuck in traffic on that stretch of road in total frustration and not just in peak hour. I avoid it at all costs, no matter what time of day it is. On the other hand, it’s a good problem to have, it means our city is growing, we need new roads to cope with the population growth.


My question is, what’s the rush? Let’s get it right, why does this come down to a political pawn piece? Why has the East West Link become the major talking point for the State election in 2014? Why are we not speaking about improving our public transport system, this would be a more constructive and environmentally responsible discussion to have.


Since when did monster construction projects become more important to voters than the environment, affordable housing, hospitals, public health, ambulance services, public transport, aged care, the less fortunate and education? We are so consumed with this project we are forgetting about all of the little things that are not being addressed. The little things that add up to a lot for the majority of Victorians.


Elections should be about what is best for the State, for your fellow Victorians and not just a select few. Voters typically don’t vote in their own best interests, we get caught up in the hype and spin created by our politicians and the media. We are often distracted from what is best for us?


I have met Denis Napthine and he seems like a nice bloke and is doing what he thinks is right for Victoria. This is the same for the opposition leader Daniel Andrews. My neighbour is a nice bloke but I don’t want him running my State.


Dig a little deeper when researching who to vote for this weekend, take an interest so that you can cast a more educated vote. Take a look at an independent candidate and see what they stand for, perhaps we need more of these people to keep the larger parties in check.


I personally want the East West Link project to go ahead, I want our public transport system to be world class, I want our farmers to be looked after, I want ambulance staff to be paid what they deserve, I want our hospitals to be able to look after all Victorians and cope with the ageing population, I want ordinary people to acheive extraordinary things through higher education. I want Victoria to be a place where international investors and companies feel like our Government is steady and are happy to spend money in the State.

Happy Voting.


Written by Kael Dallaway

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