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Recruitment & Executive Search

We recruit across mid to executive roles, on a permanent, contract interim management or temporary basis.

We also provide assistance to individuals in finding new roles and developing their careers.

highqualityimagesWe provide recruitment services in the following areas;

  • Senior & Executive roles
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Supply Chain, Operations & Manufacturing
  • Transport Infrastructure 
  • Built Environments
  • Logistics & Transport
  • Retail
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Digital Marketing

What we offer 

We offer a robust and validated 7 step selection & on-boarding methodology to select the ‘best fit’ person for your role. Our methodology encompasses;

  1. Job analysis and competency profiling
  2. Values and culture assessment
  3. Psychometric assessment
  4. Innovative sourcing strategies
  5. Behavioural interviewing
  6. Hiring manager selection & engagement mentoring
  7. Onboard coaching

Why do we include so much in our partnership process? 

We gauge our success on how well your new employee performs in the role, not how quick the recruitment process was!

We will share with you, comprehensive detailed information on the shortlisted candidates including, skills and experience, competencies, career values and objectives and their working style. Our aim is to support you in working as effectively as possible with the employee you select from day one.

Areas we will discuss include;

  • The new employees natural strengths in the role,
  • Areas where they will benefit from more support,
  • Where your style and theirs differ and the likely implications,
  • Where your behavioural styles complement each other,
  • What the new employees values and what is important in their career,
  • Strategies on how to effectively manage your new employee based on their individual needs.

After which, we will

  • Coach your new employee in the role to ensure they are focused on achieving their key performance objectives, allowing you peace of mind to focus on your own goals.

This incorporates what we believe should be standard in all recruitment and selection processes.