Psychometric Assessments | Selection Partners | Executive Recruitment, Melbourne

Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric assessments provide insight into a person’s personality, skills, abilities, motivations, emotional intelligence and ability to cope with the demands of an existing or new role. Psychometric assessments are therefore immensely valuable in making recruitment and development decisions. At Selection Partners our assessment tools include;

  • Aptitude and abilities assessments
  • Personality assessments
  • Leadership assessments
  • Sales ability assessments
  • Emotional Intelligence assessments
  • Motivations and values assessments
  • 360 degree evaluations
  • Mental Resilience 

To follow are some of the most common psychometric assessments we use.

  • Facet5
  • Saville
  • Hogan
  • DISC
  • OPQ
  • SPQ
  • ACER
  • MTQ 48

We advocate that assessments are best used to understand the potential new hire and on board them to maximise their continued success.  Assessments are also of benefit to identify strengths and development areas for existing employees or to improve relationships and team dynamics .