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Senior Women, but not old!

Senior Women, but not old!

Congratulations to Jacinda Ardern the next primJacinda Ardern 20 Oct 2017e minister of New Zealand. Not only is she a woman but she is in her 30’s.   When male maturity seems to be the norm in politics, bucking the system is a wonderful beacon of light for young women all over the world.

Jacinda is the country’s third female PM and, at 37, its second youngest PM in NZ history.

Some of the many fabulous traits of Jacinda include she is warm, engaging, and incredibly smart. She is also immensely relatable.  People like her, she is not an “Iron Lady’ like Margaret Thatcher was in the UK. This is a strong sign to other women that being yourself is OK.  Being feminine is fabulous, long hair is cool.

Ardern it seems is unlikely to have an easy time, however as someone who only became leader of the Labour party on August 1, just a few months prior to the election, Ardern has managed to turn things around in an impressively short amount of time. This fact in itself demonstrates just how “personable and strong” she really is.

My hope is that many little girls in class rooms all over New Zealand and Australia believe that being PM, having the top job, is the norm for a young, feminine woman.  Which then encourages them to reach higher and aspire to more than they may have in the past.   Good on ya Arden!

Written by June Parker.

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