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Planning for 2018

If you don’t plan, how will you know when you have achieved your goal?

Selection Partners Planning for 2018With the business world talking about agility, failing fast and moving on, maybe we don’t need to plan too much anymore. Maybe if we plan too much, we are in fact only planning to fail, because we don’t take advantage of opportunities as they arise? Who knows?

My advice for 2018 is simply to have a goal. Think what you want to achieve then be flexible about how you achieve it. Life is not a straight line from a to z, nor should it be. The fun is in the ups and downs and the roads to the right and left. As long as you are moving ahead, life is good.

Learn, grow and enjoy. All the best for 2018…

If career advancement is one of your goals for this year then talk to us about career coaching. Whether you’re looking to move on to new and exciting challenges or to take the next step with your current organisation, a career coach can help you ensure that you’re on the right trajectory.

The right coach can also help you to identify any ‘derailing’ behaviour holding you back or help you to identify hidden talents or skills that will help you move forward.

To find out more about career coaching and how it could benefit you in 2018, read this article or contact us for a chat.

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