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Overcoming Difficult Conversations

Ouch, whilst no one likes to have difficult conversations we all know they need to be had. All of us, Managers and Leaders understand we need to have honest and authentic conversations with our team, peers, even bosses, some of which may be difficult for the recipient to hear.  However, many of us avoid these conversations at our peril. 


I believe the majority of us know when we are doing a great job, and conversely when we are not performing at our optimum.  Bringing this to someone’s attention with the outcome of improving their performance needn’t be difficult.

When we are behaving in a manner that goes against the culture of our organisation or is making others feel uncomfortable for whatever reason, I don’t believe addressing this needs to be a difficult conversation.

When someone is not putting in the effort required in the role, why does this need to be a difficult conversation? 

Conversations tend to become difficult for many reasons including;

  • the instigator of the conversation gets emotionally charged and starts to blame the other person putting them immediately on the defensive and an argument ensues
  • the person starting the conversation doesn’t know what to say and basically inflames the situation causing it to become a bigger problem
  • the manager is concerned about how the other person will react and so doesn’t actually say what really needs to be said, so the message is diluted   

Regardless of why conversations are deemed difficult, with practice and a proven approach we can all learn to have more engaging and productive conversations.  There is no need to make the other person feel bad or wrong, but there is a need to ask for a change and to reach agreement of what is expected to happen next and the consequences if this doesn’t happen.

If like many of the people I coach, you feel you would benefit from some training around this, then you may be in luck.  We are hosting two workshops on Wednesday 30th May 2018; one in Melbourne CBD and one in Mulgrave.  This workshop is designed to give managers, leaders and those in HR a clear strategy to use when having challenging conversations that need not be difficult.

For more information, visit http://selectionpartners.com.au/resources/workshops/. Places are strictly limited so confirm your attendance by emailing desiree@selectionpartners.com.au and indicating your workshop location preference.

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