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Outplacement – an employees perspective


Having a good outplacement provider is a bit like having house insurance. With insurance you hope you never need to use it, but when your house gets burgled and you feel devastated – you are so glad you have it. The thought of insurance helps you get over the initial shock and anguish, then the money helps you replace what was taken and move forward more positively.

I tend to think of outplacement in the same way. From an organisational perspective you hope you don’t need to use our services but when you do, you are glad you have us. This was brought home to me in a very real way the other day when someone I had provided career transition support to, who was devastated when she heard her role was being made redundant, called me to tell me about her new role. She was so excited and full of optimism and joy, it was infectious to hear plus there was a whole lot of relief in her voice.  

I want you to imagine, you were this person, perhaps for some, you have in fact been this person. She had a plan for her life and career, prior to being violently shoved off that track through no fault of her own. The shock was devastating for her. When we first met, she was angry, sad, terrified, frustrated, bitter and fearful – all rolled into one. Through our work, she came to see this as an opportunity to think about what she really wanted to do and to learn how to go out and get that for herself. She developed her skills, her confidence and got her ‘mojo’ back – her words not mine.

Speaking of words, when she called to announce her new job, she proceeded to tell me how the outplacement had really helped her. I felt incredibly humbled. She told me that I literally saved her life. She felt she couldn’t see what to do nor envisage a way to start to move forward prior to meeting with me. She said, I helped her realise she wasn’t a ‘failure’ – again her words, not mine. She learnt what to say to her family and friends without feeling embarrassed. She then started to see all her strengths and what she had achieved in her career that was of value to others. She started to speak positively about herself without stumbling. She developed skills and confidence in many ways. From my perspective, I also looked forward to our sessions as she was a wonderful human being, whose company I enjoyed.

If you are in Human Resources or are a Head of People, or a Senior Manager, I am telling you this, not to say how great I am, but to say how great outplacement is and how it really does help those we work with in a deep and profound manner. According to a 2018, Workplace Trends survey, 75% see employers who provide outplacement as attractive and something they consider when making a job acceptance decision.   Maybe candidates think about outplacement like insurance too.

If your organisation doesn’t provide outplacement, I implore you to consider it, I don’t even care if you don’t use Selection Partners. I do care however that you provide this service because I see firsthand know this truly helps people and that’s got to be a good thing.  

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