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Oh What a Year….

Like a lot of professional services firms, Selection Partners have had a great year.  We have grown our team, we have moved into our new headquarters in the Melbourne CBD and we have opened a new office in Sydney.  However, we’ve lost a couple of our founding team members and while we are sad to lose them, this also gave us a chance to reflect.

kristina-evstifeeva-450542I am a big fan of looking forward.  From a pure economic point of view, the world is in a good place.  Every major economy in the world is starting to perform at pre GFC levels.  Locally we have a lot of cranes in the sky and holes in the ground.  Couple this with governments, both State and Federal, investing heavily in infrastructure; we are set for a few good years.

The employment rate is approximately 5.5% and this is predicted to drop further.  We observe wages in the mid to senior markets slowly move up.  From a recruiting stand point this puts pressure on finding good candidates, because they are employed, engaged, and paid well.  One solution, as a lot of commentators agree is to remove the tightening of the 457 Visa.  I personally think the politicians need to stop playing “politics” and start leading.

Like Australia punches above its weight, so does Selection Partners.  When I reflect at the work we have done in Advisory and Recruitment, I’m filled with pride.  I look around and see a wonderful group of human beings that I spend of my days with.  Therefore looking forward, I know that the coming years will be bright, not only for Selection Partners, but also for those that we work with, our customers and candidates.

We wish you all the best for 2018 and hope it’s filled with much success.

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