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Moving Office

Moving Office

As our five year lease comes to an end we are moving office into the city. move-calm15.09.17

It’s a big and bold move for Selection Partners. You might ask why are we doing this?  We had the choice to stay and renew the lease and that would certainly have been the cheaper option, however, our team in the majority wanted to be in the city. 

What I have learned about leadership is to hire good people, listen to them, give them the tools they need, the environment they thrive in and get out of their way.  Micro managing, KPI’s and having people jammed into a space is no good for anyone and it doesn’t build the fabulous and engaged culture I am proud to say we have.

As we increased the number of people in our SP family, the squashier it got.  So we took a deep breath, delved into our pockets and have created what we hope will be a brilliant new collaborative space.   We wanted to help replicate some of the great things the team does now in a better bigger space.   When I asked what they are looking forward to in the new office, apart from the fact they are closer to the majority of their clients and bars in the city, the answer was the fabulous new open plan kitchen we are building which will make it easier to have our weekly team lunches.  (Once a week someone cooks and brings in fabulous food for everyone to share, it’s amazing).

What will they miss? The park behind the office where the dogs that are brought in on an almost weekly basis run around during their walks.

All recruitment and HR Consulting firms, in fact, all offices are different, knowing what works and building on this is so important to continued success.  At Selection Partners we know that people are our business, we value them, we respect them for their individuality and we look after them. They in turn will look after our candidates and clients and that makes us very happy.

If you are in the city and fancy a visit, feel free to pop in and see our new space, from 25th September, we will be there.    City here we come!!!

Written by June Parker, Director and Career Coach

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