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Mental Health – How to Keep Healthy

Mental 2Mental Health – How to Keep Healthy 

As a leader of people, I want my team to be mentally healthy and able to share with me or someone else if they feel they are struggling.  Sometimes I am unsure where the line is in a work setting between concern and interfering or between a managers responsibility and  intrusive insensitive busy body.  

As a manager, I don’t want to assume changes in performance has anything to do with a mental illness, but what if it does?

I consider myself fairly well informed when it comes to many forms of diversity and inclusion. I openly admit though that mental health is an area I lack expertise. Given my role in EEON I am fortunate enough to be able to create an opportunity to fill in the blanks for me and if you have the same blanks – for you too.

EEON (Equal Employment Opportunity Network) is hosting a lunch seminar on how to create a mentally healthy workplace.  This seminar, based in Melbourne, will suit business leaders, managers, HR or D & I practitioners.  If you then want to pursue more training or gain more in-depth knowledge, beyond blue will provide access to amazing resources.

Details of the seminar are below.  To attend is only $50 which includes lunch – well worth the investment.  Click on this link to book your place. Spaces are limited.

mental 3

Written by June Parker, Director Selection Partners

June is Co-Founder of Selection Partners, President of EEON and an Executive and Career Coach. June  has strong business acumen with the ability to quickly grasp the needs of her clients. She has proven experience in the application of critical leadership coaching methodologies and tools.  June’s sense of humour combined with her direct yet supportive style enables her clients to feel safe whilst stretching themselves to develop and progress. She quickly develops trust and is known for her common sense practical approach.  June is ICF & CDAA qualified.

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