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Maybe one reason why you can’t get good candidates!

campaign-creators-1166994-unsplashWe know good people are hard to find, but when you have found someone don’t lose them with a poor or protracted interview process.

Is your recruitment process slick, or does it lose you great candidates or even damage your brand?

As an employer here is what to do.

  1. Write captivating and motivating advertisements about what you want
  2. Respond to applications in a timely manner
  3. Have an objective set of criteria from which to shortlist
  4. Keep the interview process down to a maximum of 4 weeks
  5. Ask relevant questions during the interview
  6. Give feedback during the application process
  7. Make sure to not ask biased questions or make assumptions based on gender, age, nationality etc
  8. Prepare for the interview
  9. Offer a salary that is on par or higher than advertised
  10. Understand what is important to the applicant

Career Arc surveyed 1200 people, if you are involved in recruitment, here are some results you need to be aware of:

  • Nearly 60% of candidates have had a poor candidate experience.
  • 72% of those candidates have shared their bad experience online or with someone directly.
  • 60% of employers have read at least one piece of online negative feedback about their applicant process.
  • Candidates who are NOT informed of the status or decision of their application are 3.5x less likely to re-apply to that company that declined them.

One of our clients just lost a candidate after three interviews; the reason – it took too long and the candidate knew there was one other hurdle still to jump, in the meantime another company interviewed the person twice, made an offer and got a contract out and signed all in 10 days. The irony is that the candidate preferred the other role, but it was taking too long and there was no guarantee of success!!

Another hard to find engineering candidate, had two interviews with a client over a protracted period of time. It was mutual appreciation – for the role and the candidates skills. Despite the process dragging out longer than it should, the candidate was still very keen until the hiring organisation offered him $10k less than he was currently on. Needless to say, they lost the candidate. The candidate was so disappointed. Not only has the organisation lost a good candidate, they also damaged their brand.

Maybe it’s time you did an audit of your recruitment processes or had a fresh pair of eyes provide you with a diagnostic and recommendation on ways to improve your attraction & recruitment process. If you need any help, contact us, we have a terrific diagnostic process.



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