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Manners & Honesty Matter

Manners & Honesty Matter20.10.2017

This week I observed a couple of situations which made me think more deeply about manners and why it’s so important in the workplace.  Let me tell you about the first situation.

I observed one of my team grappling with the inauthenticity of a candidate that he placed into a role, or at least thought he had!  The candidate met the consultant, attended two interviews with our client, forwarded references for the consultant to take and was then subsequently offered the role, which he accepted.  He impressed as honest, hard working and reliable.  However, he then went AWOL.  The Selection Partners consultant tried their best to email, text and call the person, to confirm the start date to his client.   Via text the candidate alleged he was sick and couldn’t speak.  Long story short, he blatantly lied to the consultant pretending he was sick (even to the extent of saying he was in hospital) whilst he was meeting with his current employer negotiating a salary rise to then stay.    

The recruiter was pragmatic he understands that counter offers happen, he was relaxed about that, however he was so disappointed by the behaviour of the candidate.  Avoiding contact then ultimately communicating his rejection of the offer in a text is rude and extremely disrespectful to both the consultant and ultimately our client.

The second situation again involves a candidate.  This week a client of ours was interviewing in our lovely new boardroom in the city. The first interview was at 8am on Wednesday morning.  Both the client and the consultant (a different one this time) were there ready to go at 7.50am, coffee in hand. Only no candidate.  No phone call to apologise, or reschedule – no text, no email.  The candidate pretended up until the night before that they were keen for the role and looked forward to the interview. Our consultant was devastated as was the client.

I know candidates often complain about recruiters, however when you see recruiters going out of their way to help their candidates, such as these two did its very disappointing when candidates behave in this way.    Manners matter at all times, if either of these candidates had given the recruiter the courtesy of an honest conversation, both they and the recruiter would have felt better.   A shout out to anyone we deal with.  Our recruiters have your best interests at heart, if this means you stay in your current job that’s fine, we will find someone else who wants the job. If you have changed your mind for an interview or are running late – we understand and will work around that.  

My question to these two people is where else are you not being honest or avoiding conversations you really should have and how well is that working out for you?

Written by June Parker.

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