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Job Searching and Interviewing Etiquette 101

Sammi AugJob Searching and Interviewing Etiquette 101

I love retail, I enjoy working with retailers, I have worked in retail and I have been in retail recruitment for many many years.   The one thing that surprised me back when I was managing a retail store still surprises me now as a retail recruiter and that is… simple job searching and interview etiquette that some people seem to lack! Considering the unemployment rate in Australia is 5.70%, there are people out there looking for a job and some of them are doing nothing to help themselves!

Here are some basic but important things to consider when looking for a job.

1. How serious are you in the job you are applying for?

I ask this question because, putting it quite simply, I get 100’s of CV’s every day. About 90% of these applicants appear not to have even read the job description that they are applying for!

2. Are you qualified for the position you are applying for?

It’s great to be ambitious, but when you’re a University-Graduate with no experience in the industry applying for a National Operations Management position, I think that’s a bit too ambitious.

3. How hard is it to return a call or email?

In any one day, I could call and email about 100 candidates and only one percent would answer. How many would return my call? One, if I’m lucky. And then they find out that the role is not exactly what they’re looking for or it’s too far from home to consider… great! And Emails? Maybe one, every few months. Great!

4. The interview process

Finally if you have secured yourself an interview, the most important thing is simply showing up! If it’s a Skype interview, accept the invitation, if it’s a phone interview, that’s even easier… ANSWER THE CALL! If you don’t, please refer back to points 1 and 3.

Now, before going into an interview, it’s always important to do research about the company beforehand. Going into an interview with a bit of knowledge about the company will go a long way. Trust me. It is also at this stage where you can uncover more information about the company that you couldn’t find from your own research. For example, what the culture is like or what the benefits are in their company. And please don’t forget first impressions last!! Presentation and personal hygiene is so important, so dress appropriately (No, tracksuit pants and flip flops are not professional attire for a job interview), if you’re a smoker, try not to smoke before an interview, if you insist on smoking, have some mints and spray perfume before coming in, thank you in advance.

5. Offer Stage

Prior to the offer stage and after your interview there is one important thing you need to do. Have a think about the position you have applied for and the interview you have just been to, speak to your spouse, family and friends about it and see what their thoughts are and have a decision. Why? Because when an offer is made, it would be nice to know there is an answer straight away. The hiring manager and the company would like to feel that they’re wanted, just as they want you in their business!

So now that you know what is required/expected/assumed that you know… happy job hunting and good luck!


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