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It’s NOT all about the money money money!!!

Andy Aug 16It’s NOT all about the money money money!!!

I was out meeting a client last week to take a job brief for a role that they are currently looking to fill & although I already work with the company this is the first time I have met this particular manager. So after the usual pleasantries we start talking about the role & exactly who they are looking for and what they can offer this person. The manager spent a lot of time talking about his current team, where he wants to develop them & how he manages them on a daily basis. He went into so much detail & spoke passionately about the team culture & the benefits of working in his team that I was genuinely excited to the point of thinking I would love to work there myself – if only I’d studied to be an engineer & then gained 10 years work experience!!!

Now to the actual point of this blog, the meeting finished & I left with a spring in my step looking forward to talking to people about this role & then I realised there was something I had forgotten to ask about…………………!!!! I was so sold on the culture, projects, team & benefits that I had forgotten to ask what salary they were planning to offer! This got me thinking that maybe we do put too much emphasis on the salary & neglect some of the other benefits on offer. Now I’m not saying that salary isn’t important & that somebody should take a huge pay cut to work for a company that has fresh fruit delivered every day, but here’s a few things that you can think about when you’re next recruiting for your business;

Flexible working hours: Now I know this is on offer more than ever but how many companies just pay lip service to it? Are people in your business allowed to take their kids to school & start work at 09:30am or even 10:00am without having all eyes on them while they walk through the door? Can people in your office work from home without the rest of the team assuming they’re having a ‘wag’ day? We all have work to be done, & if it doesn’t matter what time in the day this is done then offering flexible work hours or the ability to work from home means the work is being done & your employee is happy because their work/life balance is where they want/need it to be.

9 day fortnight: I understand that this one is not always possible & there has to be some flexibility on what day people take off (you can’t have everybody off on the same day), but I’m sure most people would be happy to work an extra hour a day to receive an extra day’s leave every 2 weeks! Plus, with mobile technology, even when you’re not at work you are still picking up emails & answering your mobile. Is this something your company can offer? If you did, would you find it easier to attract/retain people?

Career plan: Most companies say that they have them, but does your manager know or even care where you want to be in 1, 5 or 10 years’ time? If managers do not know where employees want to be later in their career then how can they guide them & ensure that they are getting the right training to help them achieve their goals? By talking & putting plans in place for long term career development (not just a boring standard 12 month review process that gets filed for 364 days once it’s been filled in) people feel they can achieve their career goals & plan to stay in the business long term because the business is invested in them beyond the next financial year!

Work social life: Most of us spend more time with our colleagues than our family so it is important that we get on & some form of work social events can contribute towards this. I’m not saying that your team should go out together every Friday night & quite often people’s family commitments mean that spare time outside of work is limited. Why not do something once or twice a week during work time such as a coffee morning, lunch time run, cinema afternoon or Friday pizzas?

Andy Aug 16a

Cash saving benefits: There’s also so many different ways outside of offering a higher salary that can mean more money in your bank. Now the list is endless but here are some of the ones that I have come across: discounted gym membership, free health insurance, novated car leasing, free car parking, subsidised travel cards, work vehicle, child care, paid for training courses & fitness allowance. Any one of these would mean a significant saving over the course of a year, but doesn’t show on your salary.

I’m sure there are numerous benefits that I have missed off the lists but my point is that there is so much more to offer current & potential employees it doesn’t just have to be about the money. If you were to receive a call about a job that is suited to your background & before salary was mentioned you were told that you can start at 10am without anybody asking where you’ve been, it’s a 9 day fortnight, your manager will know where you want to be in 5 years’ time & will assist you in getting there, every Wednesday lunchtime your whole team goes out for a run, you have pizza ordered in to the office on a Friday, you have free health insurance, training courses paid for & a free car parking space then I’m sure you’ll then have more to consider than just the base salary on offer!! 

Written by Andy Malek

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