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Is a LinkedIn Profile Worth the Effort?

Yes and No! Of course, you can get a job without having a LinkedIn profile, but why would you?

Your LinkedIn profile is like your resume online, your shop front, your brand to the world. I would suggest any recruiter worth their salt would look at someone’s LinkedIn profile before inviting them in for an interview let alone proactively sourcing them for a job they have.

Imagine you are recruiting for a great role, you receive two CV’s, one from Jane and one from Jill. The CV’s both have similar experience, Jane has a great LinkedIn profile, smart photo, detailed keyword summary, with some wonderful recommendations, Jill on the other hand has 3 contacts, no photo and no detail. Who would you invite in for an interview? 

Did you know that on LinkedIn there is a setting you can switch which alerts recruiters and hiring managers to the fact that you are open to job opportunities? How easy is it to just flick the switch and sit back?


In my view, if you are not on LinkedIn you are missing out on opportunities to find a new role more quickly and more easily.  

Every day I watch the recruitment team at Selection Partners approach people for roles they have in sales, supply chain, engineering and construction based on their LinkedIn searches. As recruiters they have access to an amazing amount of detailed information on people on the LinkedIn database.  If your details aren’t there, aren’t filled in well, then you simply will be overlooked. There are so many great opportunities certainly in the markets we recruit for, it seems a shame that if you are not visible then you will not be given the opportunities others will.

If your profile does not represent you in the way you would like, fix it up, if you know people who are not on LinkedIn – show them this or tell them to get on board.


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