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HR & Technology: Combining both worlds

Given we are in ‘full employment’ by industry standards, finding good people with the right skills will continue to be challenging for organisations and recruitment firms.  The way we do this and how we communicate with potential talent is key to how our organisations are viewed, the brand we have and the candidate experience.

Technology is going to be a massive help to HR professionals and those tasked with sourcing talent.


There is much talk about AI and the use of bots, and I for one am really excited about how these technologies can be of massive support to us.   There is lots of new technology popping up to help recruiters so my advice is to experiment with it. From my experience many of us are still in the early stages with AI.  

The way we interact with AI right now is really simplistic, it’s a bit like going from paper to digital. Where we used to write things down on a Post-It note or a pad to remind us to do something. Now we have a program where you type those things in and it reminds us.  AI is fantastic at automating manual tasks. Communication and connectivity should also be improved as chatbots and other voice recognition apps allow recruiters to carry out relatively complex tasks simply by speaking, making the process more streamlined.

AI and bots can also improve one of the biggest gripes about the recruiting process: communicating with candidates. Many recruiters are not great at letting candidates know where they are in the recruiting process AI can make it so that feedback is consistently given.  This will help improve our brand and the candidate experience.

In terms of how AI and bots will impact the work we do. Deloitte suggests that 50% of organisations plan to retrain staff to take advantage of AI and bots and redistribute workloads.  Recruiters therefore need to be thinking about recruiting people who are open to continuous learning, and who can embrace change and are agile and flexible in their approach.

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