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How to tackle job hunting in the new year

When you’re looking for your next role, there’s always the temptation to take it easy – “because no one will be hiring right now”. job_hunt  At this time of year (January), I’ve spoken with many candidates who will always say that things are starting to get quiet in the market and they will delay looking for a new job or career opportunity until later the New Year.

The reality is – it just isn’t so. If you don’t believe me – check the job board listings.   They don’t shut up shop. There will be new jobs posted daily.

There is always a good reason to delay looking for a new job.  It can be confronting to put yourself out there and start the process to find a new job (and we’ve written about this before).   

I could give you a reason for it to be a “quiet job market” for every month of the year – and while things do slow down between Christmas and the end of January – there are still people out there looking to employ and often they are more receptive to speaking with you – because other job seekers have decided to suspend their job search activities. 

If there is a delay in the hiring process, it’s often because the key decision makers may be harder to reach, or they’re working reduced hours because of school holidays.  It’s also relevant to remember that there could be delays because of reduced staff numbers.  Day to day business has to continue and with less staff on the ground, they could be time poor and will struggle to get back to you. The reality is that their business doesn’t stop during the recruitment process.

Finding your next role can be a full time job.  Like everyone else at this time of year, you may want to take the opportunity to reduce your hours to make the most of the sunny weather and kids on holiday.  One strategy is to work on your job search in the morning and then ‘take the rest of the day off’, or you could ‘take every second day off’.

Just remember, it doesn’t make sense to stop looking.   There will definitely be people out there looking to employ new staff – make sure they have the option of employing you.


Written by Iain Pratt

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