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Quick tips to master 2019

rawpixel-633847-unsplashAs the end of 2018 draws ever closer, and the festive season becomes ever more present, we naturally are drawn to reflect on the year that was and share our hopes and plans for the year to come. 

2019 will no doubt see a continuation of the upward trend in demand for skilled contingent work forces, slimmed down large businesses and enhanced AI capabilities. These factors, among many more, will pick up speed and impact the ‘where, when, why and how’ of the ways we all work. 

While you are contemplating a New Year’s resolution, consider making it one that will ready you for another year of professional change, disruption, and growth. 

Luckily, this preparation is good for your whole work-life balance:

  • Stay curious: Make a point of learning or doing something new. Novel experiences condition our minds to react quickly to unpredicted experiences and not to be unduly stressed by change.
  • Get Going: We all know the benefits of exercise. Eating and sleeping well and mixing in some physical activity produces hormones which make us happier and focused. It also gets us away from the desk…
  • Take breaks: There’s something to be said about working until the job is done but taking a break every now and then has been shown to actually increase productivity over time. Spending a break scrolling through social media does not help though. Get away from screens, talk to a human or take in some nature.
  • Resilient habits: Scheduling in journaling, meditation, practicing deep breathing during moments of stress, and developing left/right brain connections through brain teasers is like personal training for your brain, leaving you able to bounce back to productivity after a setback. 

We hope these tips set you up for success in 2019, and that it is a year of wins for you all. If you are considering a ‘new year, new career move’, our team of talent consultants in recruitment and HR would be happy to chat about making that change. 

If you are a business looking to redefine areas of your talent attraction or development in 2019 to meet the challenges of the future, we can help there too. 

From everyone at Selection Partners, we wish you a very happy festive season and a prosperous 2019!

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