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How To Make Your CV Stand Out

Okay so you’re looking for a new role and you’re applying to roles that meet your skill set and experience, but you don’t seem to be getting shortlisted.  How can you make your CV stand out and get HR or the Recruiter to read over it?


Put yourself in their shoes for a moment; you have over 50 applicants to the job ad, you need to review and shortlist these as efficiently as possible. When you have that many CV’s to review would you be more likely to review the ones that have mismatch font and are plain black and white or the ones that are formatted beautifully and have colour to draw your eye and grab your attention?  In a stack of documents what gets your attention more? Take this into consideration when you are formatting your CV.

We recommend that you utilise the following guidelines to create and format your CV:

  • Colour: Use colours but don’t go too crazy. Keep it simple with one or two colours (these can be your favourite colours to show some of your personality).

  • Fonts: Choose complementary fonts but don’t use too many different fonts (keep it to 2 or 3). Don’t use any fonts that are too hard to read or too busy.

  • Spacing: Don’t bunch up your text—you want your CV to be easy to read, so the reader can tell where one job starts and the other begins. 

  • Consistency: Keep the same layout and formatting throughout the document—that is if you use one type of font for your subheading “PROFILE” then use the same font and size for all other subheadings.

  • Tailor it to the role: Highlight your relevant experience to that specific position. This is an essential point to demonstrate why you are suitable. Place this clearly on the first page to allow the reader to quickly see your suitability and see that you have taken the time to read the job ad or position description. This means subtle but important changes to each CV you send to a job application. Your name: Make your name large and incorporate colour, so it stands out. Repeat your name in the footer or header on each page, so your details are easily found.

  • File name: Save your CV document with an appropriate name “Jane Smith – CV” if your name is in the document file name it makes it easy to identify you.

Remember to check your spelling and punctuation. You don’t need to make it too long. You want it to showcase your skills however you don’t want to make it too hard to read.  Ensure you are consistent throughout your CV and keep it simple.

Good luck!

We also offer CV formatting services and coaching! Contact us on 03 9832 8100 for further information.

 Written By Desiree

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