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How to become an employer of choice

When you read advertisements on Seek, you would be forgiven for thinking most organisations who advertise are in fact employers of choice.

sean-pollock-203658-unsplashWhilst there is a formal employer of choice accreditation which requires organisations to demonstrate their achievements across key areas of Organisational Culture & Leadership; Employee Education, Training & Development; Employee Health, Safety & Satisfaction; Performance Management; and Recognition & Remuneration, there are other organisations who market themselves as employers of choice without actually being assessed formally as such.

Are organisations who perhaps don’t have the marketing and people resources required to complete the accreditation criteria any less worthy than those who are able to spend time and money on documenting what they do without ‘blowing their own trumpet’?   Or are these companies merely trying to compete for talent without actually having much substance behind the words they use?

The reality is, it depends!  Some organisations we recruit and provide consulting advice to are amazing, and I would hold them up as ‘employers of choice’, others are nowhere near where they need to be – some of whom know this and are working on it, and others know it and aren’t prepared to do anything about it.

For me an employer of choice is an organisation that values its employees, provides a safe and inclusive environment, invests appropriately in their employees technical and personal development, offers flexibility and challenges their employees to grow in the role. Some of these organisations have a formal document to tell the world, others don’t.

As a candidate it’s important to know what you want from an employer, then ask the company you are interviewing with to share with you that information. Having a gym on-site, flexible work options and a development path to Harvard may mean nothing to you, however having a mentoring program, team lunches on a Friday and the ability to bring your dog to work may mean more!


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