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How do you create an Algorithm of Human Emotion?

Danny Sept 2016How do you create an Algorithm of Human Emotion? 

It’s interesting how many times I read about disrupters in the broader Human Resources sector.  We can automate this, we can virtual that…  Yes you can, but, how do you algorithm human emotion?I’m astounded at the amount of money these disruptors are able to raise.  What are they actually trying to achieve?   I’d like to explore this a little.  As a disclaimer, I’m no expert, but I have worked in the recruitment sector for close to 20 years.  Is it about making the process of attracting candidates easier?  Is it about matching a candidate to a job?  Is it about saving money on the cost of hire?  Is it simply laziness?  Maybe a bit of each!

I imagine if you are looking at Human Resources from an outsider’s point of view, you will see a cumbersome, somewhat antiquated and simple way of doing things.  It feels to me that HR disruptors are using Tinder or RSVP as the business model.  It seems like a good idea, they ask all the right questions, the marketing is convincing, but I’m not sure the end result delivers what they thought they were getting.

Let’s look at this from the candidates perspective, in my humble opinion, what is being overlooked is Human Emotion.  How exactly to do you create an Algorithm for Human Emotions?  Ahh, what’s that, A.I., yes, Artificial Intelligence is a fair argument, but, as you can appreciate career decisions often include consulting family members, friends etc.  I’m not sure any piece of software can replace the myriad of emotions felt when first searching for a new job, let alone deciding to take one or what happens if you get two offers at the same time?

I think we should invest in human beings talking to human beings.  That’s right, let’s chat, let’s discuss, let’s look at the pros and cons, let us actually help you…  This is what we do, we work with people, humans!  I’m not sure a machine can do this, any of this.

But, if you happen to be a Venture Capitalist with a pocket full of money, have I got an idea for you!

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