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Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Wellness wooden sign on a beautiful dayHealth and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Given my interest in nutrition, it’s interesting for me to see the cultural change in companies as they embrace Health and Wellbeing.  Many employees have realised the benefits of creating lifestyle balance which embraces a more active and healthier approach.

Employers embracing the introduction of multifaceted interventions in both physical activity and nutrition are seeing positive effects in the activity levels, eating habits, and stress management of their employees.  Embracing this culture also contributes to obesity prevention and the reduction in musculoskeletal disorders such as lower back pain.  Some research suggests that healthier employee’s work 143 effective hours per month compared to 49 hours per month from those that are less healthy.  Absenteeism also reduces in healthy staff.

I remember a time when candidates I spoke to wanted a ‘work/life balance’ in their new role. Most companies thought that work/life balance meant a coffee machine, afternoon biscuits and a beer at 4pm on a Friday, therefore as a recruiter I failed to find my candidates balance as it just wasn’t there to be found.

Now, thankfully I see many more companies recognising the importance of helping to keep their employee’s healthy and affording them the time to be physically active, spiritually in tune and nutritionally fed; the benefits are starting to show!

Supporting your employee’s does not mean extra expenses, short days in the office and incense burning in the corner while everyone rolls around on fit balls instead of chairs.  Far from it!  It is about having;

  • Bright and inviting work spaces
  • Natural light
  • Clean air
  • Plants and some life in the workplace
  • Ensuring that nutritious food options are available
  • Allowing staff the hour at lunch to exercise in some way if they wish

It could also mean;

  • Starting groups that want to get involved in sporting teams
  • Learn something creative
  • Be educated on nutrition
  • Learn some stress relieving techniques etc

The opportunities are endless and starting small will increase employee engagement.

If you currently feel in a bit of a rut and unsure how to initiate Health and Wellbeing in your company and want to know where to start, let us know, we are all about people here and can lead you in the right direction.

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