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From The Ground up – Unsung Heroes.

A fence surrounding a large-scale development is often plastered with advertising logos for the developer, builder and architect. We are also starting to see another name on these billboards (albeit smaller and less conspicuous), the unsung heroes of construction – Building Services Engineers. 

Service Engineers

What makes a building?

People may argue “the developer has the dream”, “No, no, it’s the architect that has the vision”, “but the builder adds structure to the vision”, “yes but the real estate agency sells the dream, vision and complete structure”… All of this is true and one couldn’t survive and thrive without the other but having just celebrated the “Day of the Engineer” on April 5th and recruiting in the building services space, I thought it fitting to pay tribute to the engineers who bring the dream, vision and structure together.

Walking through most modern buildings in any Australian city you would be forgiven not to notice the feats of engineering designed specifically for you, the consumer. From the tangible elements of design – the perfect temperature no matter the weather outside, the lighting which is never too bright nor too dim, the smoothness of the lift and the factors we often take for granted – the water pressure on level 22, the correctly designed sprinklers and hose reels providing safety in the event of an emergency to the use of renewable energy focusing on carbon reduction and reduced dependence on natural resources. The design of our buildings is ever-evolving to be smarter, more economical, more environmentally friendly creating a healthier environment for users – all of which would not be possible without the input of building services engineers.

The heart of the building

I met an outstanding candidate last week and when asked what they most enjoy about being a building services engineer they immediately replied “I am responsible for helping to create the heart of the building” – A great answer from a passionate Unsung Hero.

If you are a Building Services Engineer in Australia looking to explore your next opportunity, or a decision maker in your organisation looking for talented services engineers nationwide, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a confidential discussion.

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