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The benefits of following Company pages on LinkedIn

I’m not sure if you know much about Company Pages. If not read on.  A Company Page helps LinkedIn members learn about their business, brand, products and services, and job opportunities.

It is very simple and any LinkedIn member can follow any Company Page. The benefits of following a LinkedIn Company includes receiving both updates from the company and any jobs that may be posted. Companies of interest will also share relevant information from other sources and post their own blogs or updates from their website.

You can see who works at the company; you can watch what is happening at the company in terms of growth or staff movement. This can be advantageous when you are job searching. It can also help you build a partnership with the company. Should you know someone who has just joined them, you will then have an inside connection.

Following companies and using online networking methods correctly makes it a treasure trove of information for job seekers, recruiters and people wishing to create alliances within target companies. You can benefit in different ways from following companies of interest, big or small.

This is particularly useful for job seekers. Social media tools such as LinkedIn ensure you are abreast of the jobs available at the companies you are interested in. It also gives you instant access to the jobs recruiters have available in many cases, without having to undertake a full job search.

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Joey Cooney   Principal Consultant @ Selection Partners – specialising in Sales, Marketing, Management & Health recruitment

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