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Does Outsourcing in HR work?


I recently attended a Diversity & Inclusion summit hosted by EEON (Equal Employment Opportunity Network), it was a wonderful conference full of information, inspiration and hope. The reason I share this in the context of this blog is that the speakers acknowledged those who struggled who came before them and on whose work they built. This acknowledgement was honest and heartfelt. It also enabled them to further develop their D&I practice and learn from others around them advancing their knowledge and expertise.

When I think about outsourcing HR, I see this as the same. I’m not talking about the outsourcing of the whole HR department overseas type outsourcing, but the outsourcing of projects or specific areas.  I see this as building on the expertise of others or those whose work came before them, it is akin to asking for a helping hand.

Plenty of businesses outsource not because they want to cut their overheads or they can’t find qualified People & Culture professionals, but because they simply don’t have the time or in-house expertise. In growth situations or times of change often they don’t have time to develop this either. In cases like this, seeking out a third-party provider – outsourcing is perhaps the smartest move an organisation can make.

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