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Does coaching work?

CoachingIf you are reading this blog, you have most likely never been coached. The reason I say this, is because if you have been coached you would already know the answer to the question. “Of course it works!”  A better question I could have asked is “what is coaching best used for?”

As an Executive Coach certified by the ICF (International Coach Federation), I participate in a reciprocal coaching program. This is important because it means not only are my skills evaluated by other coaches but I get to be the recipient of coaching.  I find being coached is a wonderful experience. It allows me to have the space and time to focus on what I want to achieve whilst being asked insightful questions to guide my thinking.  For me, it feels a little indulgent. If you are like me, it’s not often we get to spend time talking about what we want to achieve and have someone 100% behind us, helping us clarify what that looks like then helping us to make it happen.  I find coaching to be an extremely motivating and positive experience and one I hope everyone gets to experience at some point in their lives. 

If you are considering hiring a coach or are interested in using coaching techniques with your team, I recently wrote a couple of eBooks which could be useful to you.

Click here to download the eBooks, you need to pop in your details then they will be sent to you. 

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