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Disrupting the Disrupters – The Revolution is Starting

I love social media.  Like most people in my line of work I am very active on LinkedIn.17fn1z4uqp96rjpg  I enjoy tweeting and find Facebook fascinating.  I have a gazillion apps on my phone.  I take an iPad to meetings.  Our company is cloud based and we all work on laptops, so we can work from anywhere.  I also have a keen interest in the technology that changes the way I or my clients work.  As you can imagine new technology usage is not one size fits all, as certain innovations may not be suitable for the time or the context.  But, in the world of recruitment or HR I think we have ‘jumped the shark’. 


Large corporates, internal recruitment teams and large recruitment firms now use technology to rule in or rule out candidates for a role.  I get it; it helps to manage volume, cuts down on the “wrong fit”, speed up the process.  In fact, I read an article recently where an entrepreneur has developed software that will deliver a shortlist directly from applications received online to a hiring manager’s inbox, without any human intervention.  Wow!  But they are forgetting one crucial thing!  People are emotional beings, who can’t always be assessed purely on paper.  Another example is a retail disrupter who will only interview candidates with a certain domain, and expect responses to emails sent to candidates by midnight after sending them only a few hours earlier.  Disruptive, sure, do they get the person for the job?  Probably not.


I am lucky, I get asked to speak to graduating students a few times a year.  The presentations are always based on getting a job after university.  What strikes me is the raw fear of making this step.  It is the same fear I see when we work on outplacement projects.  This career fear does not discriminate; it is not gender, age or position bias.  Human’s needs are simple, they want to be heard, and they need to be told it will be ok.  Does software do this, or should recruiters?


Yes, disruption is important, but has disruption gone too far? 

 Written by Danny Busija

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