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Has the Removal of Renewable Energy Targets Slowed Down the Industry?

The Federal government scraped the Renewable Energy target late last year, but there seems to be no sign of the market slowing down from a state level – A few key projects that are still going full steam ahead in Vic are as follows;

zoltan-tasi-308658-unsplashThe Murra Warra wind farm has a massive project value of $650,000,000. Led by Telstra, this consortium also includes ANZ, Coco-Cola Amatil and the University of Melbourne. Securing long-term supply and price security, this agreement will allow construction of the wind farm to begin. The deal is a second of its kind for Telstra, following an agreement reached with RES Australia for the 70MW Emerald sold farm in Queensland in May 2017.

The new planning of Uunguala Wind farm valued at a whopping $1.3B which includes the construction of a 116 turbine wind farm, road & associated infrastructure. The wind farm will be located over a 32 square kilometre site north of Horsham encompassing Horsham Rural City & Yarriambiack Shire, The wind farm may host up to 100 turbines and the energy generated from the farm would connect to the 220-kilovolt national electricity grid line between Horsham & Mildura.

Still in Victoria, ESCO also have development plans with Council in for a Solar Farm in Horsham for a Utility Scale renewable energy project with an output measuring up to 130 megawatt (MW). It is located approximately 5km east of Horsham CBD in the Rural City of Horsham – The solar farm will cover an area of approximately 196 hectares (485 acres) and comprise approximately 340,000 solar photovoltaic modules.

Also too, with ARENA still actively accepting funding applications and projects being planned all over the country, scrapping the Renewable Energy Target is yet to slow down the industry. With the rising cost of energy prices, many companies are still inclined to go green! What are your thoughts?

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