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Developing Capability within Your Team

So you’ve got a team in place, they‘re all experienced, performing well and enjoying their roles within the company. Surely your job as manager is done and you can now sit back and enjoy the rewards that have come from your hiring & induction process? No, definitely not. There is always space to improve capability within a team – no matter how successful they are.

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Here are a few ways you can continue to develop your team:

External Training:

As a manager you should be a role model, coach and you should be continually training (both planned and impromptu) your team and helping them to develop in their role. Aside from this, there is a huge benefit to bringing an external expert in to the business to run training sessions with your team. This doesn’t mean that you are not doing your job as a manager. Sometimes, an external trainer is needed as they may spot something you don’t see because you work with them everyday.

Have a common goal:

There’s a common saying, “If we don’t change direction, then we’ll end up where we are facing,” which is great as long as you are all facing in the right direction from the beginning. To do this you need to be clear and concise with your team, explain what your goals are, put a plan in place, then work together to achieve them! With clear goals in sight, teams develop while achieving a common goal.

Praise & Reward:

While we can see people developing, improving, becoming more successful they may not always see it themselves, so it is important that we make people aware of how they are performing in their role. This should be done in various forms, you should always have regular reviews where you look over performance and set new goals.  However if you see somebody doing something good then say so, there and then!! Don’t be afraid of giving praise in front of others, it creates a positive environment which will reflect in performance.

Continue to develop yourself:

By continually developing yourself you are firstly leading by example i.e. practicing what you preach. If you are improving and learning new skills, you can then pass it on to your team, which will help develop their careers as it will have done your own.

There are countless ways that you can develop capability within your team, but the one essential thing is that however you go about it, you must make sure that your team continues to develop. If you don’t then your team will stagnate, and one by one they will move to a company and a manager that offers continual development.

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