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Could you be a Store Manager?

Sammi June 17Could you be a Store Manager? 

I recruit across retail, in my role I have been asked by many sales people, what they need to do to be promoted to a Store Manager. Before getting excited about the management ‘title’, they need to know what a Store Manager actually does and no, they do not just stand around pointing their finger telling others what to do. They manage the store, manage the staff – make sure staff have equal amounts of hours, which doesn’t interfere with their schooling, family or social lives whilst still being under the stores wage budget. Store Managers also manage the overall store budgets, stock control, the Profit and Loss, deal with Head Office’s expectations, manage the visuals of the store and of course, manage the customers’ expectations. These are just some of their duties to name a few.

So, are you…?

Dependable? Reliable? How are your communication skills? Are you motivated? A team Player? Respectful of your peers and leaders? Are you a positive person? Are you self-motivated? Are you adaptable and patient? Are you good at prioritizing tasks and are you good at problem solving?

Why am I asking? Because these are some of the qualities and skills you need to possess to be a successful manager!

You will have the whole Head Office team, depending on you as the Store Manager to reach sales targets, to make the business profitable, to showcase their products and to treat their staff and customers well.

Your team rely on you to relay information passed down from head office through effective communication, to train and develop them to become future leaders and of course, to be their mentor.

Retail is forever changing, therefore requires you to be adaptable to these changes, patient, organized to prioritize tasks when, for example, you are given a directive from head office that may change the entire layout of your store, and structure of your day.

On top of all this, you must be self-motivated, because no one else is going to motivate you. As a Store Manager, your staff will look up to you, it’s your role to motivate them and encourage them to do the best they can. Being a positive and influential leader will create a better work environment and inspire others to become a leader like yourself.

Lastly, respect. When I was trained to be a manager, I was told to treat others the way I wanted to be treated if I were in their position and to this day, I find that a little respect goes a long way. When you show someone respect, no matter their role, they will go the extra mile for you.

These are some qualities, I believe are important to possess as a Store Manager, yes some are obvious, but when broken down, it sometimes isn’t that simple! So, are you ready to be a Manager?

Written by Sammy Nguyen, Sammi recruits across retail in Australia, mainly in the Eastern Sea Board. She recruits from Store Managers to Area Managers and Operational Head Office roles.

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