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Coolest Offices in Australia

In our lives as recruiters and HR Consultants, we get to visit some pretty swanky offices.  Some like DropBox, Medibank Private and Civilex come to mind.  We also think our office is pretty cool with our high kitchen table which seats 16 in our kitchen that is used more than my kitchen at home.  Ahh, the amazing smells that emanate from the oven at lunch time!  Not to mention our rotating disco ball in the common lounge space!  However, this blog is not about how amazing our office is, or maybe it is! 

An office is your home for about 40 hours a week. When we recently hired two new outstanding people into our team, I am sure that our offices combined with the fact we offer a full talent consulting service and are a great team was what enabled us to hire these two very talented and highly sought after individuals.

If our office was dull and boring, I wonder if they would have had the same first impression as when they walked in on the industrial floor, with concrete hanging on the walls, glancing at the bespoke three-metre long yellow light, then sitting in a boardroom that has amazing trendy dark grey wood and a large black boardroom table?

When good talent is hard to find, it’s worth considering if your office up to speed and if not.

Check out this link below for other cool offices.

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