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Congratulations America!

130626105842-01-supreme-court-doma-0626-horizontal-galleryVia a 5-4 decision, same sex marriage is now legal in the US after a Supreme Court ruling. This means all US states must grant marriage licences to gay and lesbian couples and recognise marriages that have taken place in other states.

This is a wonderful step, and a great example for the rest of the world to follow.  As the President of EEON (Equal Employment Opportunity Network) I am incredibly excited that the world is becoming more open in recognising that marriage diversity is acceptable and simply nothing to get worked up about. That people are just people, regardless of sexual preference so people should be treated equally in the eyes of the law. This massive step and the media coverage it generates will be of huge benefit to all those who identify as Gay or Lesbian both in and outside of work.  For those who are in committed gay or lesbian relationships it must be a fabulous result that their union can now be fully legally recognised, if they choose.


What I also found interesting was that of the nine members comprising the Supreme Court, three out of the five who made the affirmative choice were female. Whilst this may not be a gender issue with the Justices of the Supreme Court, as much as a political issue where predictably they voted along party lines, with the female justices being Liberal.

I still wonder if having this balance of gender diversity within the Supreme Court led to a more progressive way of thinking. I wonder if these smart intelligent women were more willing to embrace diversity and inclusion than some of their male counterparts. I wonder if having a better gender balance helped this group to ask different questions and think differently. Regardless of the answers, well done America. Australia, what about you?

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