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Clients – We Are On Your Side


Picture it … You’ve just had an amazing meeting with a client who has articulated their business is feeling significant pain. You have the product, in my case, the candidates, that can alleviate that pain. You gain the commitment for the client to set aside the time to meet with them and then …. Nothing.

You’ve sat there and calculated the revenue, you’ve told your bosses that you’re quietly confident, you’ve boasted to your colleagues about how you’ve got it in the bag but the egg definitely feels as though it’s on your face.

And then the amateur psychology starts. It’s end of financial year, the client is under the pump. The candidates were not as strong as you thought they were despite the buying signals the client indicated to them in the meeting. Maybe they don’t have the spend just yet.

Recruitment is a three way street and we as recruiters are most definitely in the middle trying to direct traffic. To avoid crashes however we need to be armed with the information we need to get the right outcome.

So, clients I ask you, I beg you! We don’t mind what the business circumstances are. In fact in general no matter the concern from your side, we can support you in getting the outcome you desire. If it’s the wrong candidates, tell us, we’ll go get you some more. If you don’t have the spend, let’s put it on hold. We’re here to provide a service and support you.

So with that in mind, send us an email, even a text. That way you don’t have to worry about us pestering you to get answers and we can protect your brand and let the candidates know.

P.S. Yes, I know recruiters are known for our lack of communication with candidates but two wrongs don’t make a right!

If you’re looking for a sales professional that can bring these types of qualities to your clients or you’re looking to find a new employer that will bring these qualities out in you, reach out to me on 0413 627 955 or email

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