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Can’t afford outplacement? Think again.

We all know that outplacement services are beneficial; for the impacted employees, those having to deliver the news and for those who remain, knowing their impacted colleagues are being given the best guidance for a career transition. Naturally the way their colleagues are treated is likely to be the way they will be treated should they need to also exit, so existing employees always watch with interest.

However, what do you do when you feel you can’t afford outplacement – perhaps because the very reason the redundancies are being made are because finances are tight! We understand how frustrating it can be when you want to help your impacted employees but you feel hamstrung.

Whilst some outplacement programs do cost many thousands of dollars, don’t think all outplacement support has to cost this much. Outplacement support can be tailored from as little as $100 per person for a 6-months online outplacement support system, to on-site group outplacement workshops which can cost as little as $200 – $300 per person to one on one coaching programs which can be less than a couple of thousand dollars.

“Outplacement can cost as little as $100 – $300 per person”

Obviously, the more support a person is provided, the smoother their transition from an emotional and psychological perspective, and the quicker they generally find alternative employment. BUT some help is better than no help. An on-line system teaching people how to tailor their CV for jobs they want to apply for, or how to update their LinkedIn profile so they are more visible to hiring managers does help. Helping people to understand how to position their experience in an interview could be the difference between your ex-employee getting a new job and someone else.

At Selection Partners, we offer a wide variety of outplacement options to suit our client’s budgets. From experience, I know the more support people are given, the less stress and anxiety they feel. The majority of outplacement and career transition programs we provide do cost between $3,000 – $5,000 per person, however outplacement doesn’t have to cost this much and trust me, from the impacted employee’s perspective, something is better than nothing. 

Please contact us if you need our support or would like to know more about our outplacement or career transition service offerings.

Written by June Parker, June is an CDAA & ICF accredited career coach at Selection Partners. Selection Partners provide outplacement support nationally and in New Zealand.  03 9832 8100  

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