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The Nature of True Dialogue

Not listeningThe Nature of True Dialogue

As humans, we sometimes get caught up in our own heads.  Sometimes we feel we are having a great conversation and communicating clearly, when actually we aren’t actively listening nor are we in true dialogue.  Sometimes we are simply waiting our turn to speak, rather than truly listening. I know I have been guilty of this and maybe you have been too?

What does being in true dialogue mean?  “Dialogue” – “dia” and “logos” meaning “flowing through”.   “The respectful two-way, open ended flow of communication that balances listening and speaking for the purpose of learning”.

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Where is the Balance?

June MayWhere is the Balance? 

Our workplace is continually changing, but the age-old debate around work/life balance continues…

The simple truth is that the way we work has changed dramatically. This may be due to globalisation and the requirement to work across multiple time zones; greater requirement for travel; family impacts; project deadlines… Luckily, rapid advances in technology have assisted us to adapt, stay connected and work outside of the office, and outside of office hours. So why are we still needed to sit in the office for our core hours as well?

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Sports Performance and Resilience

SportsSports Performance and Resilience

Being told “No” is not a new thing for human beings. In our formative and adolescent years we are frequently told things to the effect of “No, you cannot stay up and watch T.V” and “No, you may not stay out that late”.

Psychologists may argue “No” is one of the most powerful and potentially damaging words in the English dictionary, but why are we so afraid of that word? After all, setbacks and refusals are a natural part of progression and self-improvement, so how do we best turn these setbacks into positive results?

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The Mother of all Blogs

Mother of all blogsThe Mother of all Blogs

Right now I’ve enticed you in with my catchy title I’ll let you in to the real subject of my blog……………………….it’s ‘counter offers’ – well kind of!!!!  Now I know every day on LinkedIn there’s a blog out there telling people not to accept counter offers (mostly written by recruiters who have just lost a placement to a counter offer) with lots of accurate facts about the % of people that accept a counter offer & leave within the next 6 months!!

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