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How to Advance your Career as a Woman

How to advance your career as a womanAs a woman, we know there are many ways to advance our career – work hard, achieve successful outcomes, network, get involved in high profile projects – the list goes on. 

One area, less spoken of I would like to highlight which helps women tremendously in advancing their career is sponsorship. To me a Sponsor is a Mentor who advocates for their mentee or protégé. By advocating I mean going beyond simply providing good advice or ideas, to actually talking about their protégé to others favourably. A Sponsor also introduces their protégé to the right people who can help progress their career, and actively puts their name forward to take on stretch assignments to build their skills and profile.

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Can’t afford outplacement? Think again.

We all know that outplacement services are beneficial; for the impacted employees, those having to deliver the news and for those who remain, knowing their impacted colleagues are being given the best guidance for a career transition. Naturally the way their colleagues are treated is likely to be the way they will be treated should they need to also exit, so existing employees always watch with interest.

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Quick tips to master 2019

rawpixel-633847-unsplashAs the end of 2018 draws ever closer, and the festive season becomes ever more present, we naturally are drawn to reflect on the year that was and share our hopes and plans for the year to come. 

2019 will no doubt see a continuation of the upward trend in demand for skilled contingent work forces, slimmed down large businesses and enhanced AI capabilities. These factors, among many more, will pick up speed and impact the ‘where, when, why and how’ of the ways we all work. 

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Top 15 Sales Interview Questions

Whilst sales people are often very competent at selling, when it comes to selling themselves in interview, sometimes, some people miss the mark. If you are great at interviews and always get the job, this blog is not for you. If on the other hand, you have had a few interviews and were unsuccessful in securing the role, perhaps the following questions may be of interest to you.  Preparation is key; know why you want the job, what you can bring to the company and think through answers to the following 15 questions.   

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