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How To Dress Like A Boss

A lot of people believe that you should always wear a suit to interview, and in my opinion, that shouldn’t always be the case.


I once had a candidate for a Sales Director position show up to a meeting with me in jeans. At first impression, I was surprised at this choice in attire, given his seniority, charisma and history of achievements. I made a suggestion of wearing a suit to meet the client, which he did. He ended up getting the job and after two years, is still working there. In the end, he told me that his client has told him to stop wearing a suit. I’ve since learnt a lesson from this – always dress for the environment you’re going into. 

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How To Make Your CV Stand Out

Okay so you’re looking for a new role and you’re applying to roles that meet your skill set and experience, but you don’t seem to be getting shortlisted.  How can you make your CV stand out and get HR or the Recruiter to read over it?


Put yourself in their shoes for a moment; you have over 50 applicants to the job ad, you need to review and shortlist these as efficiently as possible. When you have that many CV’s to review would you be more likely to review the ones that have mismatch font and are plain black and white or the ones that are formatted beautifully and have colour to draw your eye and grab your attention?  In a stack of documents what gets your attention more? Take this into consideration when you are formatting your CV.

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Overcoming Difficult Conversations

Ouch, whilst no one likes to have difficult conversations we all know they need to be had. All of us, Managers and Leaders understand we need to have honest and authentic conversations with our team, peers, even bosses, some of which may be difficult for the recipient to hear.  However, many of us avoid these conversations at our peril. 


I believe the majority of us know when we are doing a great job, and conversely when we are not performing at our optimum.  Bringing this to someone’s attention with the outcome of improving their performance needn’t be difficult.

When we are behaving in a manner that goes against the culture of our organisation or is making others feel uncomfortable for whatever reason, I don’t believe addressing this needs to be a difficult conversation.

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Has the Removal of Renewable Energy Targets Slowed Down the Industry?

The Federal government scraped the Renewable Energy target late last year, but there seems to be no sign of the market slowing down from a state level – A few key projects that are still going full steam ahead in Vic are as follows;

zoltan-tasi-308658-unsplashThe Murra Warra wind farm has a massive project value of $650,000,000. Led by Telstra, this consortium also includes ANZ, Coco-Cola Amatil and the University of Melbourne. Securing long-term supply and price security, this agreement will allow construction of the wind farm to begin. The deal is a second of its kind for Telstra, following an agreement reached with RES Australia for the 70MW Emerald sold farm in Queensland in May 2017.

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From The Ground up – Unsung Heroes.

A fence surrounding a large-scale development is often plastered with advertising logos for the developer, builder and architect. We are also starting to see another name on these billboards (albeit smaller and less conspicuous), the unsung heroes of construction – Building Services Engineers. 

Service Engineers

What makes a building?

People may argue “the developer has the dream”, “No, no, it’s the architect that has the vision”, “but the builder adds structure to the vision”, “yes but the real estate agency sells the dream, vision and complete structure”… All of this is true and one couldn’t survive and thrive without the other but having just celebrated the “Day of the Engineer” on April 5th and recruiting in the building services space, I thought it fitting to pay tribute to the engineers who bring the dream, vision and structure together.

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