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How To Ask For A Pay Rise (Part 2)

If you know you deserve a pay rise and you want to do something about it, but aren’t quite sure how to approach it, to follow are some conversation starters that may assist you. Make sure you have done your research and are prepared before you walk into the meeting. See previous blog for how to prepare.


You might like to start the ball rolling with something like this: “Hi boss, can I book 15 mins of your time tomorrow? I have something I’d like to chat to you about.”

Once the meeting is booked, you are off and running. If they ask what’s it about, say “Nothing sinister, I’ll chat to you tomorrow”, smile and be busy doing something else.

When you are in the meeting, thank them for their time, tell your boss why you wanted to meet and what you want. The conversation could go something like this:

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How To Ask For A Pay Rise (Part 1)

Here’s the deal, we are in full employment, and as a result, good people are hard to find, so if you are a good person, delivering good work and feel underpaid, then simply ask for a pay rise. But wait, before you go running into your manager’s office you need to prepare.


Firstly, put yourself in your manager’s shoes. Think what does your manager need from you for them to feel you are a valued employee? If it’s sales – are you hitting your numbers; if it’s customer service – are you getting good feedback; if it’s accounting – are your reports accurate and on time? You get the picture. So get your facts together; create evidence that you are a valued employee and one they do not want to lose.

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How to become an employer of choice

When you read advertisements on Seek, you would be forgiven for thinking most organisations who advertise are in fact employers of choice.

sean-pollock-203658-unsplashWhilst there is a formal employer of choice accreditation which requires organisations to demonstrate their achievements across key areas of Organisational Culture & Leadership; Employee Education, Training & Development; Employee Health, Safety & Satisfaction; Performance Management; and Recognition & Remuneration, there are other organisations who market themselves as employers of choice without actually being assessed formally as such.

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What we learnt at the ‘Engaging Conversations’ Workshop

Some of our new and long-term clients attended two amazing communication workshops last week, hosted by us, Selection Partners. The workshops were run in two locations: one in our Melbourne office, and the other in Mulgrave. Our clients really enjoyed the interactive session with 96% of those who attended rating the workshop as 5/5 in all categories. 


The amazing Vivian Vrahos, expert leadership coach, trainer & expert in neuroscience shared with us her model of how to have engaging conversations by using the FIIVE model.  We learnt that our limbic system is where our emotional responses come from and what to do when our self or those we are working with experience an amygdala hijack.

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Rethinking Discipline

For me I didn’t really understand discipline until I had a child. Just as there are numerous ways to motivate there are numerous ways to discipline. Unlike when your child is 3 and you can send them off to the naughty corner, at work this is not an acceptable strategy. 


By nature, I am a supporting person who works hard and recognises that I am responsible for my actions and hence my results. I also expect others to be the same. The reality is that some people are, some are at times and some simply aren’t. 

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