Blog | Selection Partners | Executive Recruitment, Melbourne - Part 2

Coolest Offices in Australia

In our lives as recruiters and HR Consultants, we get to visit some pretty swanky offices.  Some like DropBox, Medibank Private and Civilex come to mind.  We also think our office is pretty cool with our high kitchen table which seats 16 in our kitchen that is used more than my kitchen at home.  Ahh, the amazing smells that emanate from the oven at lunch time!  Not to mention our rotating disco ball in the common lounge space!  However, this blog is not about how amazing our office is, or maybe it is! 

An office is your home for about 40 hours a week. When we recently hired two new outstanding people into our team, I am sure that our offices combined with the fact we offer a full talent consulting service and are a great team was what enabled us to hire these two very talented and highly sought after individuals.

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Addressing the Bias in Recruitment

Despite being 2018, many hiring managers are still biased in their recruitment, they still have a perception that one ‘type’ of person is the best type of person for their job. Let me ask – why is a 30 year old male any better than a 40 year old woman? Why? Think about what that person can deliver, not what the person looks like.

It frustrates those of us who genuinely believe in diversity and inclusion, that hiring managers still think like this. Many know not to say this out loud, but they still only hire the ’30 year old man’ despite being presented with a diversity of candidates. 

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Clients – We Are On Your Side


Picture it … You’ve just had an amazing meeting with a client who has articulated their business is feeling significant pain. You have the product, in my case, the candidates, that can alleviate that pain. You gain the commitment for the client to set aside the time to meet with them and then …. Nothing.

You’ve sat there and calculated the revenue, you’ve told your bosses that you’re quietly confident, you’ve boasted to your colleagues about how you’ve got it in the bag but the egg definitely feels as though it’s on your face.

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Is a LinkedIn Profile Worth the Effort?

Yes and No! Of course, you can get a job without having a LinkedIn profile, but why would you?

Your LinkedIn profile is like your resume online, your shop front, your brand to the world. I would suggest any recruiter worth their salt would look at someone’s LinkedIn profile before inviting them in for an interview let alone proactively sourcing them for a job they have.

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Developing Capability within Your Team

So you’ve got a team in place, they‘re all experienced, performing well and enjoying their roles within the company. Surely your job as manager is done and you can now sit back and enjoy the rewards that have come from your hiring & induction process? No, definitely not. There is always space to improve capability within a team – no matter how successful they are.

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 12.45.34 pm

Here are a few ways you can continue to develop your team:

External Training:

As a manager you should be a role model, coach and you should be continually training (both planned and impromptu) your team and helping them to develop in their role. Aside from this, there is a huge benefit to bringing an external expert in to the business to run training sessions with your team. This doesn’t mean that you are not doing your job as a manager. Sometimes, an external trainer is needed as they may spot something you don’t see because you work with them everyday.

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