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To Gig Or Not To Gig

About 2.5 million Australians are now employed on a casual basis, according to The Australian Bureau of Statistics. That’s more than a quarter of the workforce.

What is the gig economy you might ask?  The gig economy is an ever-increasing group of people who are choosing to no longer work 9-5 for one employer in favour of working independently on a task by task or project by project basis for a variety of employers.  Think Airtasker, Uber or Fivver.

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Top Tips For CV Writing

CVs are scanned by the reader for about 7 seconds before a decision is made on whether or not to invest more time in reading. That additional time, if you get it, normally lasts no longer than 2 minutes. When the reader is reviewing tens or maybe hundreds of CVs everyday, standing out for all the right reasons should be your primary concern.

7 to 127 seconds is not long enough for someone to conduct a considered interpretation of your experience and turn it into argument for placing you in a role. It falls to you as the CV writer to do that thinking for them by presenting the most relevant information in a way that suggests how helpful the experience, abilities, and knowledge you have will be in the role. When you do this effectively, the reader can quickly see how you fit the role and organisation, hopefully leading to an interview.

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5 Tips For Moving Countries From A Career Coach

Moving house can be a daunting experience, and moving country even more so. The list of logistical concerns is long and the list of worries even longer. Will you fit in? Will you find work? Will you make friends? 

I recently had this experience moving from Canada to Melbourne, and learned so much in the process about myself, job hunting and the Australian labour market.

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Does Outsourcing in HR work?


I recently attended a Diversity & Inclusion summit hosted by EEON (Equal Employment Opportunity Network), it was a wonderful conference full of information, inspiration and hope. The reason I share this in the context of this blog is that the speakers acknowledged those who struggled who came before them and on whose work they built. This acknowledgement was honest and heartfelt. It also enabled them to further develop their D&I practice and learn from others around them advancing their knowledge and expertise.

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Coolest Offices in Australia

In our lives as recruiters and HR Consultants, we get to visit some pretty swanky offices.  Some like DropBox, Medibank Private and Civilex come to mind.  We also think our office is pretty cool with our high kitchen table which seats 16 in our kitchen that is used more than my kitchen at home.  Ahh, the amazing smells that emanate from the oven at lunch time!  Not to mention our rotating disco ball in the common lounge space!  However, this blog is not about how amazing our office is, or maybe it is! 

An office is your home for about 40 hours a week. When we recently hired two new outstanding people into our team, I am sure that our offices combined with the fact we offer a full talent consulting service and are a great team was what enabled us to hire these two very talented and highly sought after individuals.

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