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Mental Health – How to Keep Healthy

Mental 2Mental Health – How to Keep Healthy 

As a leader of people, I want my team to be mentally healthy and able to share with me or someone else if they feel they are struggling.  Sometimes I am unsure where the line is in a work setting between concern and interfering or between a managers responsibility and  intrusive insensitive busy body.  

As a manager, I don’t want to assume changes in performance has anything to do with a mental illness, but what if it does?

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Could you be a Store Manager?

Sammi June 17Could you be a Store Manager? 

I recruit across retail, in my role I have been asked by many sales people, what they need to do to be promoted to a Store Manager. Before getting excited about the management ‘title’, they need to know what a Store Manager actually does and no, they do not just stand around pointing their finger telling others what to do. They manage the store, manage the staff – make sure staff have equal amounts of hours, which doesn’t interfere with their schooling, family or social lives whilst still being under the stores wage budget. Store Managers also manage the overall store budgets, stock control, the Profit and Loss, deal with Head Office’s expectations, manage the visuals of the store and of course, manage the customers’ expectations. These are just some of their duties to name a few.

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Keeping healthy in the workplace during cold and flu season

Kelly May 17Keeping healthy in the workplace during cold and flu season

As the seasons transition from Autumn to Winter, many people are experiencing changes in their bodies as they adjust to the weather shift. From dry skin and hair, to colds, stomach bugs and flu. Unfortunately, this is all too common and as soon as one person gets sick, then it seems to be a domino effect across the office, affecting not only our health but the companies production for the best part of a month.

Prevention is better than a cure so how do we prevent ourselves from getting sick in the first place and strengthening our immune system to prevent the cold and flu roller-coaster?

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The Mind

19.05.2017 1The Mind

When the mornings and the evenings are darker and the temperature gets colder, for some of us it’s harder to keep up our positivity and motivation.  

This got me thinking about how NLP (neuro linguistic programming) can influence our feelings and how we often fall victim to learned behaviour that in actual fact no longer serves us or is at best unhelpful. 

Why can’t I feel more motivated when its darker and colder, instead of more sluggish?

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The Nature of True Dialogue

Not listeningThe Nature of True Dialogue

As humans, we sometimes get caught up in our own heads.  Sometimes we feel we are having a great conversation and communicating clearly, when actually we aren’t actively listening nor are we in true dialogue.  Sometimes we are simply waiting our turn to speak, rather than truly listening. I know I have been guilty of this and maybe you have been too?

What does being in true dialogue mean?  “Dialogue” – “dia” and “logos” meaning “flowing through”.   “The respectful two-way, open ended flow of communication that balances listening and speaking for the purpose of learning”.

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