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Outplacement – an employees perspective


Having a good outplacement provider is a bit like having house insurance. With insurance you hope you never need to use it, but when your house gets burgled and you feel devastated – you are so glad you have it. The thought of insurance helps you get over the initial shock and anguish, then the money helps you replace what was taken and move forward more positively.

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A career coach’s advice in the age of automation

SParamuthevar050917_The impact of mechanised and digital automation has spread from warehouse floors to courtroom chambers with any repeated or predictable action being reassigned from a role to an algorithm. Adding momentum to this tidal wave of change is the accelerating rate AI is learning to replicate previously considered human only abilities. In the wake of this change is you, the person in the middle whose job is either gone, endangered, or markedly altered and ever changing.

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7 Steps to Build Confidence

7 ways to build confidenceMy dad recently visited from the UK, and whilst I love him dearly as he is genuinely one of life’s really good humans, I always cringe when he tells stories of me when I was young. I don’t know if anyone else feels the same when their parents remind them of how they were decades ago. For me when I was very young, I was shy. I wouldn’t speak to adults and found it difficult to project confidence in groups.

Since then I have worked hard to develop confidence and now I no longer resemble the shy young girl my father takes pride in reminding me about. I do remember however making a conscious choice that I had to take a deep breath, speak up and push through my shyness. Perhaps that’s why I am now an executive coach – helping others push through what for them holds them back.

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Why women can be our own worst enemy

Blog imageLet me explain why I entitled this blog, ‘Why women can be our own worst enemy.’ 

Visualise a young person close to you, this could be your son / daughter / nephew / niece / friend’s child. Imagine they really want to get into the A team for the sport they play. Their sport might be cricket, netball, tennis – the sport is not important, I simply want you to imagine, that this young person, who is dear and important to you, has a dream to get into the ‘A’ team. You know they have talent and potential and you watch them train really really hard, they practice their sport, show up for the training, practice at home, practice with their friends, watch youtube videos of great players and work really hard to achieve their dream.  After 12 months of continued effort, they finally make it into the ‘A’ team. 

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