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Moving Office

Moving Office

As our five year lease comes to an end we are moving office into the city. move-calm15.09.17

It’s a big and bold move for Selection Partners. You might ask why are we doing this?  We had the choice to stay and renew the lease and that would certainly have been the cheaper option, however, our team in the majority wanted to be in the city. 

What I have learned about leadership is to hire good people, listen to them, give them the tools they need, the environment they thrive in and get out of their way.  Micro managing, KPI’s and having people jammed into a space is no good for anyone and it doesn’t build the fabulous and engaged culture I am proud to say we have.

As we increased the number of people in our SP family, the squashier it got.  So we took a deep breath, delved into our pockets and have created what we hope will be a brilliant new collaborative space.   We wanted to help replicate some of the great things the team does now in a better bigger space.  

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Age and Finding a New Job

Age and Finding a New Job


As a ‘mature age’ worker, I get extremely frustrated with the stereotypes that are associated with people of my generation about our lack of ability or worth to employers.  A recent study led by Melbourne University found three themes emerge when employing older workers.

  1. Older workers were referred to as ‘rusty’ – really rusty?  I’d like someone to say that to my face!  There is a perception that many recruiters view older workers as slow and unfit, a combination that leads many to believe they’re at risk of injury. This was particularly a point of view held by those who were once employed in blue-collar industries.
    Quite a few of those in the study made reference to their skills, which had been made obsolete by technological advances. And then there were those who did retrain in a different field but had their job applications knocked back because employers “don’t want older people … they want young, youthful people, good-looking people.”   AAArgghhh really this is 2017.  Mature age workers can learn new skills, look at me I am blogging!! 

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Your career – it’s a marathon, not a sprint

25.August.2017Your career – it’s a marathon, not a sprint

I’m the first to admit that I am not a natural athlete, and do not have the skill nor mental capacity to run a marathon. Every day, in discussions with those I work with I hear talk of ‘going the distance ’ the ‘need to get moving’ and ‘stepping ahead’. These conversations are nothing to do with exercising or sport, they are about career aspirations. Some of the people I work with have career trajectories clearly focussed on getting to ‘C level’ positions, be that CEO, CIO, CFO or any Executive level role. This desire to succeed is admirable and one I feel should be encouraged.  Others who have reached this level and are often looking for their next opportunity – and in so many situations, this next step can be challenging and will sometimes take a clever strategy to achieve.

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Tap into the hidden job market

hiddenTap into the hidden job market

As a recruitment firm, we try our best to find people exciting new roles.  For many of the people we meet, we do exactly this, however for every person successful in securing a new position, there are many others who miss out.   The reality is, we cannot help everyone.  Or can we?  We think maybe we can, not by always finding someone a job, but we have resources to help people find their own job, whether this is through career coaching, via or via our information bulletins.    We encourage you to explore our website or contact us if we can help.    Other than using recruiters, many people have found a new position by being proactive and tapping into the hidden job market.   For some, this can be confronting and many people don’t know what to say or do.   If this is the case for you, download our information booklet on ‘How to have information interviews and tap into the hidden job market’

Written by June Parker

How to get a salary increase

11.08.17How to get a salary increase

Whilst a great way to get a higher salary is by getting a new job, what do you do if you love your current job but want more money?  Here are some tips.  Good luck.

1. Share your long term aspirations and seek support.

Have a conversation with your manager to let them know that, whilst your first priority is to excel in your current role, your long-term goal is to advance and that you want to make sure you’re doing everything that you can to set yourself up for success.  Ask for their recommendations on how you can improve in your current role and what you can do to position yourself well for the next role. Then implement the feedback so when you ask for a salary increase they can see that you have done what was required of you and more.

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