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To drop your pants, or not to drop your pants………………

pantsTo drop your pants, or not to drop your pants………………

A colleague of mine has been in a dilemma this week, over how much to negotiate on his standard terms of business!! He has a potential new client who is keen to meet with a senior candidate whose CV was presented that fitted the brief perfectly. After presenting our standard terms of business, the potential client proposed 3 changes to our terms before moving forward. After reviewing the suggested changes we agreed to 2 out of 3 changes and then sent the amended terms back to the client and awaited his response.

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Visualisation and mindfulness

mindfulnessdefn4Visualisation and mindfulness

In today’s world, if you are not feeling over whelmed by technology, work load, and social commitments – I’d like to know where you are working or what you are doing!

I recently attended a two-day mindfulness course and as you would expect, I came away more relaxed, more focused and with an improved sense of well-being. Not bad for a course – however after a week back in the craziness called work, I felt swamped again.

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Is Coaching Therapy?

Is coaching therapyIs Coaching Therapy?

One of the great pleasures I have in my role is coaching people.   I am so fortunate and privileged to be a catalyst for my clients’ growth and change.  Before I am engaged to work with someone, I sometimes I get asked a bunch of interesting questions such as “ Are you a therapist?” and whilst coaching at times may delve into a person’s past, therapy is very different to coaching.   I also get asked “What’s the difference between coaching and consulting?”  If you are also interested in learning about the difference and understanding what coaching is and isn’t, please let me explain by way of the following diagram.

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Engaging employees, is it worth it?

Employee engagement - 23.06.2017Engaging employees, is it worth it?

If you manage people do you consider your interaction with them as satisfying or an annoying distraction?

How you think about your employees influences how you feel about them.  My personal belief is that people do the best they can with the resources available to them. I also take it as a given that we all want to work in or manage organisations where employees are performing at a high level and are happy and engaged.  This is my belief; it’s neither right nor wrong, however I believe it is a manager’s responsibility to strive to create an engaged workforce.  It’s important to recognise that the beliefs we hold about employees will influence our attitude and behaviour towards them. 

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7 tips to get a job

06.16.20177  Tips to Get a Job

We all know despite low unemployment it’s still a nerve racking and challenging experience finding a  new job. It’s therefore important to differentiate yourself from the competition especially when you are interviewing for a job you really want!

If you are actively looking for a new job, no doubt you will have followed all the usual advice: prepared a good resume, researched the organisation beforehand, dressed professionally, arrived early, read the job description, but what next?

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