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Quick tips to master 2019

rawpixel-633847-unsplashAs the end of 2018 draws ever closer, and the festive season becomes ever more present, we naturally are drawn to reflect on the year that was and share our hopes and plans for the year to come. 

2019 will no doubt see a continuation of the upward trend in demand for skilled contingent work forces, slimmed down large businesses and enhanced AI capabilities. These factors, among many more, will pick up speed and impact the ‘where, when, why and how’ of the ways we all work. 

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Top 15 Sales Interview Questions

Whilst sales people are often very competent at selling, when it comes to selling themselves in interview, sometimes, some people miss the mark. If you are great at interviews and always get the job, this blog is not for you. If on the other hand, you have had a few interviews and were unsuccessful in securing the role, perhaps the following questions may be of interest to you.  Preparation is key; know why you want the job, what you can bring to the company and think through answers to the following 15 questions.   

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Generations – It’s All About Change

Now that Generation Z are entering the workforce in greater numbers (21 years old), we will have 4 generations in the workplaces, in some organisations maybe even 5 if you still have a few traditionalists. A baby boomer or a traditionalist may have experienced change in their life time and career, but this will be nothing compared to what our younger Gen A or iGen will experience.   

Time have changed for sure! Organisations that offered stable careers when a baby boomer was working now rarely do.  A job in the petrochemical, steel or telecommunications industries made sense in 1968. For Gen Z, Fortune’s top 25 in 2018 reflects only five firms from 1968 and there is a profound change in the mix of leading industries. Today retail, health and financial firms have displaced petrochemical, steel and telecommunications companies that garnered top spots decades earlier.

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Sales from a Recruiter’s Perspective – What We Really Think

The size and scope of sales as an employment and business path cannot be understated. As one of our consultants has said, “if you can see it, you can sell it”. There are too many sales roles and specific sales industries to mention, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about them. The very nature of sales, the process, why sales matters to a business and what makes for a good salesperson have commonalities that cross many industries and products.

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Keeping an Open Mind in an Open Space

Opinions are mixed on the benefits and drawbacks of an open plan office. What cannot be denied though is how we all struggle to remain productive in them. With a layout designed to encourage collaboration, distractions are a sure byproduct, capable of delaying or derailing your focus.

As I write this, I am sitting in our own open plan office in Melbourne, complete with communal kitchen, team break-out space and portable putting green. I hear the chatter of multiple phone calls, the tapping of keyboards, and questions from across the room. Staying on task is a learned skill. The habits that support anyone’s productivity though will vary based on their own unique strengths and workplace culture. Here are some things to consider when you feel your productivity levels dropping.

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