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Being New

Being NewBeing New

Transitioning into a new environment whether that new environment is a new job, new home, new state or even new country can be tough for people in varying degrees.

Most experienced employers know that giving someone three months or so to find their feet, to settle into the culture and understand how a company works is imperative to that person’s success in the position and the ultimate success of the company.  Unfortunately, sometimes people aren’t given enough support.

I meet lots of different people in my job and some amazing candidates with exceptional talent who have just moved to Australia from countries far away.  Sometimes English is their second language and sometimes it isn’t.  Sometimes, they bring families and sometimes they come on their own.  Whatever the reason, these people are experiencing a huge transition and in a lot of circumstances are extremely brave in moving to a new country especially when the culture may be so different.  We often don’t know what drew these people to Australia. Some could even be from a war torn country, seeing an immense opportunity for their family and career.

It is important as an employer to embrace all transitioning employees to ensure they are making the new person feel really welcome.  It’s the little things that make the difference.  As an example, they may not know that it’s a custom of the company to all eat lunch together on Fridays or potentially have a beer after work from time to time.

Let me ask you this, how well do you know the new person who may have circumstances similar to this?  Have you spoken to them about how they have settled in? Have you asked how they are finding some of the cultural differences?  Have you offered to help or provide them with some advice?

There are some amazingly talented people who may need your help, so be aware of what’s going on around you, take the time to chat to the new person and I promise you, it will never be forgotten.  You just never know when you will be needing them one day.


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