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Are you damaging your organisational brand with a poor candidate experience?

Damaged ReputationAre you damaging your organisational brand with a poor candidate experience?

Have you considered how your recruitment process can damage your organisations brand?

We all know how much word of mouth can impact your business in both a positive and negative way. Nowadays there is also social media providing instant access to information about your business and the ability for reviews and commentary about the experience of dealing with you.

Whilst most organisations consider this in relation to customer service, I wonder how many think about it in terms of their recruitment process.With the best talent always sought after, employers who ensure a great experience for candidates stand the best chance of securing them.

Recently, a global recruiter conducted a survey of 1300 professionals and 250 hiring managers. The survey found the following key issues impacted brand during the recruitment process:

The quality of the advertisement – 99% of those surveyed stated the description of the role influenced their decision to formally apply.
The speed and length of the recruitment process – 84% of those surveyed stated the speed of response influenced their decision to accept a role with 72% stating a lengthy hiring process would put them off. 78% expected a recruitment process to take less than a month to complete.
Experiences during the interview process – 95% stated the personalities of the interviewers, receiving enough information about the role, opportunity to ask questions, time to explain their experience and an appropriate welcome all had a significant impact on their impression of an employer.
The opinions of existing employees – Many job seekers saw existing employees as a great source of information on a prospective employer. 46% of those surveyed spoke to staff as part of their research and 30% used staff review websites such as glassdoor and social networks to gain insight.
Feedback at all stages of the recruitment process – 97% of those surveyed expected a response to their application within 10 days. 88% expected feedback on their interview within 4 days. Despite this 89% claim to have applied and received no response to their application and a staggering 60% have attended an interview and received no feedback at all.
Job seekers tell people about their experience of the recruitment process – 88% of job seekers discussed their experience of a hiring process with others, be it friends, colleagues, acquaintances or online.

In my role, I work with individuals who are seeking career coaching and also with clients on recruitment assignments. The findings of the survey are supported by the feedback I receive from individuals who are searching for a role.

The most frequent complaints I hear are the lack of response and communication during the recruitment process and the poor description or lack of detail in an advertisement. I regularly hear from my coaching clients how they have applied directly to an organisation and receive no response or they get an initial automated response that their application has been received, followed by a lengthy delay before any further contact is made.

In many cases they receive nothing further apart from the initial auto response email.

I and the rest of our recruitment team have also experienced these issues with some of our clients. When we initially take the brief we agree on the recruitment process, who will be involved at each stage and expected timeframe to ensure we can manage candidate expectations on behalf of our client.

Managing candidate expectations and creating a good impression of our clients business can become very difficult however when the individuals in the hiring process are unavailable or cause delays or provide no response to follow up calls for feedback on candidate shortlists or interviews.

It’s important to remember these individuals are customers or potential customers of your business. Showing a lack of consideration for them and their time can have a huge impact on their perception of your brand and will influence not only their view of whether or not to join your business, use your services or buy your products, but also with the people with whom they choose to share their experience.

Here are some tips to ensure you leave candidates with a great impression of your business during the recruitment process regardless of whether they are successful or not in securing a role with your organisation.

1. Create professional and well written job advertisements that provide an interesting and accurate description of the role.
2. Ensure an efficient recruitment process to avoid looking disorganised or unprofessional by:
            a. Ensuring the role is signed off before advertising
            b. Identify who needs to be involved at each stage of the process
            c. Diarise time for each stage in the relevant individual’s diary in advance to avoid availability issues
            d. Make decisions promptly at each stage
3. Provide timely feedback to candidates/recruiters after interviews and confirm next steps
4. Update candidates/recruiters when delays are unavoidable
5. Promptly contact unsuccessful applicants/recruiters to provide feedback as to why candidates won’t be progressing to the next stage
6. Ensure those involved in the interview process are trained in recruitment and selection techniques
7. Keep the candidate in mind when scheduling interviews as they will have to juggle their existing work commitments (time and number of interviews)

Happy recruiting!! Feel free to contact us at Selection Partners on 03 9832 8100 should you require any assistance with ensuring your process creates a positive image of your brand.

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