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Advancing Your Career (with free eBook)

Many of us start our careers not knowing exactly what we want to do or where we want to end up.  Many of us start on a pathway then change careers, which is actually more common than you might think. Engineers move into sales then management.  Sales people move into Human Resources and so on. There is no right or wrong way to advance your career.


However, if you are psychologically, emotionally and financially engaged in your job within an organisation and can see a fulfilling future career, it is a major whack when that organisation decides it no longer needs you.

Hearing the words ‘retrenchment’ or ‘redundancy’ blind sides you. It can be devastating and heartbreaking.  Although for some it’s the push they may have needed to move on, for others it’s a grenade that hits when least expected.

Once you have been retrenched or your role has been made redundant, for many the job market can be a scary and treacherous place.  With video interviews, psych tests, virtual client tours, online assessments, recruitment bots and AI, it’s getting more and more difficult to navigate the job market, let alone figure out how to write a CV that gets picked up by the search capability of LinkedIn, Seek and applicant management systems.

Given it is so challenging to get through the recruitment screening and selection process and in front of a hiring manager, we thought you might like to download our eBook on ‘Master the interviews’.  Let us help you with that part of the process. Its free and its packed full of tips and advice that is relevant and practical. Download here We won’t even ask for your details, it’s our gift to you. As outplacement and career coaches, we know finding a new job is a challenge. We know because we hear it from those we work with every day.  

If you would like personalised career coaching or outplacement to find your next role more quickly and with less stress, please contact us. We offer services to individuals and organisations.  Phone 03 9832 8100 or email


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