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Addressing the Bias in Recruitment

Despite being 2018, many hiring managers are still biased in their recruitment, they still have a perception that one ‘type’ of person is the best type of person for their job. Let me ask – why is a 30 year old male any better than a 40 year old woman? Why? Think about what that person can deliver, not what the person looks like.

It frustrates those of us who genuinely believe in diversity and inclusion, that hiring managers still think like this. Many know not to say this out loud, but they still only hire the ’30 year old man’ despite being presented with a diversity of candidates. 

For anyone who thinks about a type when they are recruiting, I challenge you to break outside of this thinking and hire someone based on their skills and attitude, not their sex, age or culture.  As the world becomes faster paced, more global, diversity of thinking is vital to enable our organisations to grow and become agile. Diversity of thinking doesn’t come from more of the same!

Sometimes hiring the person that challenges us for what ever reason is exactly the right thing to do – sometimes we need to lean into what we fear for us to develop & learn. If that means hiring someone with pink hair, is gay, is Muslim, is female, is disabled – whatever that is, be open to see the person – we are all different even if we look similar, underneath we all bleed red, so see what’s inside not what’s outside.

Next time you think you want to hire a 30 year old man – please take into account all of the above.

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